Tupelo Bend
A Home for New Leaf 
This October, New Leaf will move into a home of our own - an office park off Maybank Highway on Johns Island.
New Leaf's office is one of four total buildings that together will make up the office park, Tupelo Bend. Consistent with our dedication to environmentally responsible building techniques, the office park has been designed as a low impact development.
The original land had large grand trees and wetlands, much like most of the land in the Lowcountry. This served as our design inspiration for the office park. 

The site was designed to work with the current land. The bends of the entrance road respond to the location of existing grand trees and wetlands. The right side of the road will remain undeveloped to preserve and make use of the existing wetland.
The office park has several bio retention basins on site that mimic the original drainage patterns that existed before the land was developed. These rain gardens function not only as a place to catch storm water, but the plants within in them act as filtration agents for the water, cleaning it from toxins before dispersing the water to existing wetlands on the property. 

The main goal of the architectural design of Tupelo Bend was to create a commercial office park that felt residential. Elements of the office park including the long winding road, outdoor spaces, and the choice to build four small buildings that resemble homes instead of offices, give the complex a residential neighborhood feel. 

New Leaf will move into the office space early October. Building two will begin construction in the spring of 2017, with the remaining buildings (three and four) beginning construction in 2018. All three buildings will be available for private lease.

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New Leaf Listings and Coming Soon Homes

Available Homes: 
  • 2777 Lillian Lane - Johns Island - move in ready!
  • 5059 Coral Reef Drive - The Villages on Johns Island - move in ready!
  • 3413 Acorn Drop Lane
  • 3450 Acorn Drop Lane
Coming Soon: 
  • 3430 Acorn Drop Lane
  • 5112 Celtic Drive - Oak Terrace Preserve
Recently Sold: 
  • 2763 Lillian Lane - Johns Island
  • 2755 Lillian Lane - Johns Island
  • 2360 The Haul Over - Seabrook Island
  • 506 East Huron - Folly Beach
  • 508 East Huron - Folly Beach
  • 510 East Huron - Folly Beach

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