Becoming the Parent She Wanted to Be
Incarceration had become a pattern in Sabrina's life offering her predictability and a certain amount of stability. But with a child on the way, she understood that this pattern could not continue. After being sentenced to Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, and being separated from her now five-month old daughter, she desperately wanted to make a change. Fortunately, she learned about Community Action's Coffee Creek Early Head Start program, and started the journey to become the parent her daughter needed.

Focus on Affordable Housing
Earlier this month, over 270 leaders from Washington County and the surrounding region convened for an important conversation on affordable housing at our Leadership Lunch. These generous supporters came together, giving over $64,000 to help Community Action deliver hope, help and change to families across Washington County. Attendees also heard from top business leaders about what affordable housing is, why it matters to our community, and what leaders in the private sector can do to help address this challenge.

Roy Kim, Owner of Central Bethany Development, spoke about the importance of partnership in addressing the affordable housing need, and how Community Action helps him understand the perspective of those in need of affordable housing. [CLICK TO WATCH ROY KIM]

Sarah Joannides, Director of Social Responsibility at New Seasons Market, shared how the proximity of affordable housing to the workplace impacts their workforce. As one of the largest employers in the state, this issue has become a top priority for their business and has influenced the company's role as an advocate promoting affordable housing. [CLICK TO WATCH SARAH JOANNIDES]

Caroline Roper, a client of Community Action, rounded out our speakers by sharing her own story of transformation thanks to the support she received from Community Action helping her find affordable housing. When she was able to stabilize her home, she was able to create stability in other areas of her life, to the benefit of both her and her children. [CLICK TO WATCH CAROLINE ROPER]

Our deepest thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Tuality Healthcare, our additional sponsors and table hosts, and all of our guests for making the Leadership Lunch a tremendous success.
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