The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
Rector , St. Columba's
Episcopal Church
Washington, DC
Beloved in Christ,
As we begin the new season, our Youth Ministry will be led by a team of five individuals, each of whom bring extraordinary gifts and experience.

I am thrilled to announce that Keri Piester will serve on staff as the overall Coordinator, Kelly Crabtree will serve on staff as Summer Outreach Coordinator (for SCAP, ASP, and SON) and Prentiss Lay, Jane Ward and Kristin McNavage will serve, respectively, as Program Coordinator for each of the three programs: Rite 13, Y2A and YAC. With support from the Youth Council (Heather Jones - chair, Amy Cropp, Rick Dulaney, Susan Higgins, Kristin McNavage & Shelby Tarkenton), all the different youth leaders, and with Pattie Ames and Jason Cox near at hand, we're in great shape.

Keri Piester has been in education for nearly 20 years as a full-time teacher, learning specialist, youth leader, and tutor. She served on the Steering Committee for the St. Columba's Truesdell Educational Partnership, and has served as a youth leader for J2A Pilgrimage, SCAP and, now with Rite 13.

A recent graduate of University of Maryland's Master in Teaching Program, Kelly Crabtree is currently working as 3rd grade math teacher at Takoma Educational Campus. She has been participating in numerous summer service trips with St. Columba's and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington for the past 10 years, and has been a leader on SCAP trips for the past five years.

We had posted the position for a full-time director of youth ministries, but were not satisfied with the applications received over the summer. We will repost the position early in 2018, and are confident that we will have a pool of highly qualified candidates. In the meantime, this year provides a great opportunity for us to think creatively about any changes we'd like to make.

Please join me in welcoming and supporting this great team of leaders.

Peace! Ledlie  
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