2015 - A Banner Year

A New Year's Greeting from YCDC Co-Directors,
Bennett Shaywitz, MD and Sally Shaywitz, MD

2015 has been an extraordinary year for all those who care deeply about dyslexia and what happens to dyslexic boys and girls; men and women. Truly, the door has opened and light is beginning to come in for dyslexia.

We, at YCDC, have focused on several major areas deemed critically important to increasing public awareness of dyslexia and are proud and pleased by game-changing progress in a number of areas.  Of course, there is more to be done and these accomplishments provide strong reassurance that dyslexia is on the way to aligning with 21st-century scientific progress.

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The Yale Center for
Dyslexia & Creativity


Dyslexia is defined by an unexpected difficulty in learning to read. Dyslexia takes away an individual's ability to read quickly and automatically, and to retrieve spoken words easily, but it does not dampen his or her creativity and ingenuity.