A Note from MANY's 
Executive Director

Dear Members and Friends,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the membership and friends of the Museum Association of New York (MANY). First of all, I would like to thank MANY's Board for the opportunity to lead the Museum Association going forward. My goals are to build on existing momentum utilizing the expertise, knowledge, and geographic omnipresence of the museum community to make MANY the acknowledged state leader in cultural advocacy, training, and best practices.


Much thanks is given to my predecessor, Catherine Gilbert, for her years of dedication and hard work helping to lead both Museumwise and MANY. Through the leadership of Catherine, the annual conference evolved and grew into what it is today. She first guided the strategic planning and visioning that transformed the Upstate History Alliance into Museumwise, and then helped to champion and lead the formation of a consolidated organization with MANY. Her management of MANY set the new organization on a course filled with great potential. I congratulate her on her successes and wish her the best of luck in the future.


I am excited to be teamed with Dana L. Krueger, who will continue her work with MANY in an expanded role as Associate Director. Dana's wealth of knowledge of the museum field and expertise in programming is an invaluable asset to MANY as an organization and to all of our members as well.


As all of you know, New York State is fortunate to possess literally hundreds of world-class museums and cultural attractions. Yet, many of these museums and cultural attractions are struggling with lack of resources during these difficult economic times. This reality is at times both ironic and frustrating; on one hand our state is rich in assets and talented, dedicated, passionate staff and volunteers; yet on the other hand we sometimes lack the support needed to fully maximize these resources and talents to their utmost ability.


To help mitigate this deficit in support, I envision MANY having a continued and growing presence advocating for the needs of the museums at every level of government as well helping to generate a real discussion going forward about the proper way for the state to financially support its museums and invest in this vital part of its educational and economic infrastructure. I hope to broaden the access that the museum community has to various types of support in order to allow museums to grow and fulfill their mission as the necessary institutions that they are.


The challenges are many, but so are our voices. I fully plan on dedicating all of my time to implementing the wishes of the Board and membership into strong, coordinated, advocacy and action. I am excited by this opportunity and truly believe that the shared mission that museums have undertaken as educational economic engines and as stewards of our shared culture and heritage is vitally important to our state and to our society as a whole.   Please feel free to contact me at (518) 273-3400 or at director@manyonline.org if you have any questions or concerns going forward and I will do my very best to be of assistance. Thank you.




Devin R. Lander

Executive Director



265 River St. 
Troy, NY 12180


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