A Place of Peace
YPL Posting - Capricorn Issue  

Negative emotions that affect a person or those around him or her were, for the most part, created in infancy or early childhood as protections or ways of coping with this new world inhabited by "giant" creatures, who are sometimes kind and sometimes hurtful.


The problem is that, as the person grows older, these problem emotions tend to remain at the age at which they were created.


One of the phases of Negativity Clearing is the Emotional Maturation process in which clients transform these harmful attributes into helpful tools, giving them a new image and even a new name.


These new "tools" are asked a series of questions to pledge their positive support and the one I like best is whether they will sit with the client in his/her "place of peace."


For some reason, that question sometimes brings a tear to my eye.  I guess it has to do with the concept of having a "place of peace."


What is a "place of peace?"


I think it can be a meditative or conscious state of being or a physical place such as a church, a shrine, a synagogue, a mosque or a mountain, lake, stream, forest or, indeed, anywhere one can feel safe or, for some amount of time, at rest from the world's turmoil. 


For me, it was a labyrinth a dear friend built at the southern tip of Manhattan that has, unfortunately, been fenced off since the hurricane that hit New York more than a year ago.  (I've had to improvise since then.)


I believe it's important and even a right for everyone to have a place of peace and my wish at this time of the year is for you to find yours and give a gift of helping others to find theirs.  If it happens to be a share of yours, all the better.


Blessings on you and yours in the year ahead.


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As I mentioned in my last few postings,

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Since I did not ask for this and with no guarantee as to results,

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These have gone very well, 

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