A Plea Across State Lines

All across the United States reports of rabbit dump sites have been on the rise.  Las Vegas House Rabbit Society has been fighting a never-ending battle with 3 large dump sites in the sweltering Nevada desert.  Already at overcapacity, a plea was sent to National House Rabbit Society to help find room for 8 rabbits they just caught, one of which had a litter.  National HRS reached out to San Diego House Rabbit Society for help. The mission was on!  Two of our "transport" volunteers drove to Las Vegas to pick up the bunnies and drive them back, all in less than 12 hours!

Alas, by the time the bunnies were picked up, all but 1 of the babies passed away. Mama was so malnourished and suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection that she couldn't properly produce milk. Every rabbit had bite wounds, ticks, fleas, were severely matted, covered in urine and sun bleached.  Plus they were all very skinny and more than half were suffering from fur mites and upper respiratory infections.

Thanks to our amazing rabbit savvy veterinarians and foster homes, all the rabbits were treated for parasites, pests, wounds and when healthy enough, spayed/neutered.  Unfortunately, the rabbits had become so feral during their time in the park, they were deemed unadoptable. Luckily a wonderful sanctuary in Ramona took in all 8 adults where they will live out their lives in peace and safety.

The one remaining "fighter" (only a couple days old upon arrival) of the litter was hand fed by one of our volunteers.  Things were touch and go for the first couple of weeks but we are ecstatic to say this little fighter is now 4 months old and almost ready to be adopted! You may have seen her testing out the Hoppy Hour set up on social media!  Her name is Truffles and she loves to make frequent visits to the Adoption Center to say hello.

Truffles, the Hoppy Hour Inspector
Truffles, the Hoppy Hour Inspector

As you can image, it takes money to help these poor bunnies.  Money to transport, provide medical treatment and spay/neuter them. Their journey has a happy ending.  Please help us create more happy endings for rabbits in need.

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Karen, Patricia and Jennifer

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