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A Prayer in the Aftermath of a Devastating Storm

� Rabbi Menachem Creditor

in recognition of the holy work of the American Red Cross


Elohei haRuchot, God of the Winds,[1]


Fixated as we are by incalculable losses in our families, our neighbors, our global human beings spanning national borders, we are pummeled into shock, barely even able to call out to You.


We are, as ever, called to share bread with the hungry, to take those who suffer into our homes, to cloth the naked, to not ignore our sisters and brothers.[2] Many more of our brothers and sisters are hungry, homeless, cold, and vulnerable today than were just a few days ago, and we need Your Help.


We pray from the depths of our souls and we pray with the toil of our bodies for healing in the face of devastation. We join our voices in prayer to the prayers of others around the world and cry out for safety. We look to the sacred wells of human resilience and compassion and ask You for even more strength and hope.


God, open our hearts to generously support those determined to undo this chaos.


God, be with us as we utilize every network at our disposal to support each other. Be with First Responders engaged in the work of rescue as they cradle lives new and old, sheltering our souls and bodies from the storm. Be with us and be with them, God.


Be with those awaiting news from loved ones, reeling from fire, water and wind that have crippled cities, decimated villages, and taken lives. Be with all of us, God.


Be with us God, comfort us, and support us as we rebuild that which has been lost.


May all this be Your will.






[1] Numbers 27:16

[2] adapted from Isaiah 58:6-7