Implementing CHAMPS: A Proactive Approach to Classroom Management
with Randy Sprick & Karl Schleich

Four-Part Online Webinar Series
from the Alaska Staff Development Network

October 7, October 14, October 21, and October 28
4:45 - 6:45 pm PST
7:45 - 9:45 pm EST

Effective classroom-based behavior management is vital for academic achievement, high motivation, and instilling social-emotional health in students. CHAMPS is a framework for creating a continuous improvement cycle regarding your classroom climate and student behavior. In this four-part webinar, Randy Sprick and Karl Schleich will present the fundamentals of the CHAMPS approach and the essentials of continuous improvement. For those new to CHAMPS this will be an informative introduction. For those already experienced with CHAMPS, the first two sessions will serve as a quick review and the last two sessions will help you solidify the concept of continuous and collegial improvement.

Registration Fees:
$225 per person