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More Days than Money - How JIFLA Helped

George faced a serious problem.  He had moved into living quarters that soon proved to be far less than the promised stellar living environment - for him as well as his two school age children.  Knowing it was necessary to move to a safer and more appropriate environment, George looked around and identified a win-win solution.  A nearby family had recently finished their basement and was seeking a renter.  George negotiated the rent, made a deposit and got ready to move.

However, living on Social Security and disability income generally results in more days than money at the end of every month.  While George manages to make ends meet, the unexpected expenses of moving were too much.  Familiar with the free loan society in Seattle, he did an internet search for a similar program here in Atlanta and was so pleased to find JIFLA.   George applied for a JIFLA loan and was able to secure the necessary funds to hire the moving company and immediately relocate to a much better and safer environment.
"JIFLA came through and helped me in a dire situation - I needed to get out and couldn't have gotten out without the JIFLA loan.  I am so pleased with our new home.  The family has children and now my kids love to come and visit.  In addition, the location and environment has allowed them to re-connect with synagogue life and old friends."
JIFLA is pleased to be able to help George. We thank him for sharing his story with all of us and wish him well in his new home.

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Why an Interest Free Loan?

JIFLA loans are available for many different needs, such as:
  • Assistance for emergencies, such as housing, transportation, clothing, food & shelter,
  • Special Needs Loans,
  • Professional Advancement,
  • Adoption and fertility assistance loans,
  • Loans for home healthcare.
For more information on those Loan Programs available, or to inquire about any other loan, please contact the JIFLA office.

Since 2010, JIFLA has provided over $250,000 in interest free loans.  Already, 2016 loan volume exceeds the total loans provided in 2015.

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