A Special Announcement
Please Read and Respond

Dear Volunteers,
The Board of Directors has purchased a General Liability Insurance Policy for The Houston Ground Angels Organization and the Ground Angels individually.  We learned that some may not have sufficient liability coverage to protect them in case of an accident with a patient in their vehicle.
This will be at no cost to the individual Ground Angel and will provide protection up to $1,000,000.
However, to be covered under this policy, we will need you to email your  driver's license number and your date of birth to ladymaitland@msn.com.
Ground Angels can feel assured that they are protected in the unlikely event of an accident.  As we continue to grow both in number of volunteers and number of missions, all parties involved can be confident and secure.
Thank you,
Bill Barnes
President, Board of Directors
Houston Ground Angels

Port of Houston Boat Tour

If you have not RSVPed for the complimentary Boat Tour, May 13, of the Houston Ship Channel, please do. Email: ladymaitland@msn.com.
Also, please remember to check the website to see if there is a mission that fits your schedule. Click here.

Thank you.