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A St. Patrick's Day Primer - By George  

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March 17th is the one day of the year when we all are Irish. This e-newsletter is celebrating the green in our souls. It's a primer for St. Patrick's Day and for all the dances and rounds of drinks to come this weekend.

By George wishes everyone a li'l bit of clover and Irish mist in the days ahead. And in the spirit of friendship, we ask that at some point you'll raise a glass and share our favourite cheer:
May you always walk in sunshine;
May you never want for more;
And may Irish angels rest their wings - 
right beside your door.

Here's to you having the luck of the Irish all year long. Cheers to a happy St. Patrick's Day! 


Cheers! We're all Irish for a day!      

As you enjoy your next mug, skip through these links to experience all that's green this wonderful time of the year. It's enough to make the heart of a leprechaun burst with pride.

"The proud history of Canada's Irish immigrants"
from the Canadian Encyclopedia   
The Best Irish tap dancers in the world today:
Here is Riverdance 
And the panache of the Irish monkey step-dancers!
"Irish Washerwoman," performed by renown fiddler
Andre Rieu and The Dubliners 
Did you know the Irish were responsible for hockey?!
and check the By George Journal for more 
Irish good humour! 

In case you missed it in 
the By George Journal 

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