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There was a hole behind a picture in my bedroom. That's from me punching the wall when we were painting. It happened over 20 years ago. I don't like painting and got frustrated in the process. 


The wall and my hand paid the price for me losing it.  

The hole was patched many years ago...but it's in my memory. Many of us have had similar experiences where we have gotten mad and regretted it. In this issue, I share a "real world" experience: A Supplier Loses It! This is a piece about a supplier who got mad and perhaps did not think through an appropriate response. They lost it.  
How we react to business situations when negative things happen is reflective of our character. In this article I share how I handled a costly mistake, contrasting it with how this supplier reacted. We all learn and grow from the business experiences that come our way. Enjoy the article.
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A Supplier Loses It! 

We all have our breaking points in our personal and business lives. For some of us, it's easy to get frustrated and lose our cool. I can get mad occasionally. Through the years though, I have become more controlled in my response. 

A supplier recently did get mad at me and was not controlled in responding. 
The experience got me thinking about different approaches to handling business situations.    


Recently I lost my cool over a flurry of non-stop pre-show e-blasts that were driving me nuts. I'm not against e-blasts that are so common, and often valuable in our industry. What does make me crazy is sending e-mails that offer nothing of value. Before a trade show with hundreds of supplier companies with whom I have no relationship with, invited me to "Visit them in Booth 1234". The barrage of these e-mails drove me over the edge. These invitations were not beneficial.    


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Making The Right Splash at The Show!   

From  Rebecca Kollmann - AIA

We're getting into the 2014 winter trade show season and anyone reading this has varying experiences with past shows. 


You've either participated in several and know exactly what you want to accomplish or you have attended few (or none) and may have levels of excitement or anxiety.