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Hello All,

A TON of news this week.  Please try and read this stuff and pass it on.  People need to know what's going on.

My apologies for the petition that I had to pull last week regarding de-funding US Wildlife Services Agency.  I was told the language could get me arrested as they could "misinterpret" my saying "kill this agency" as meaning kill the people in the agency as opposed to killing funding of the agency.  So I pulled the petition but have posted a revised one today.  Please scroll down to the deeply disturbing pic of the stack of be-headed mountain lion's at the hand of "Wildlife Services", sign the petition and pass it on!!

Smart Meter Stories (just from this week!!) 
Other EMF Nightmares 
Big Brother In the Comfort of Your Own Home
Corruption Eruption
Please Do Your Homework!!  :)
Fighting and Finally WINNING Against Corporate Take Over
Going Viral
FDA, Foe or Foe?
Chemical Mess
Miscellaneous But Important

Smart Meter Stories (just from this week!!)


"I don't see why I should pay. I have something about forcing people. It's just because my history in Germany; everybody knows that history. Force, encourage, it's just something I have something against. It just rubs me the wrong way," she said holding back tears. 
BC Hydro Cuts Off Power In Home to Defiant Senior

Brilliant and Very Funny "Upgraded" Silver Springs Smart Grid Vid from Kit Weaver!!!

Another Smart Meter Fire in Regina

Smart Meter Technology Could be Out of Date by the Time It's Rolled Out Warns UK MPs

Savings Claims Linked to Smart Meters "Exaggerated"

New Smart Meter Publicity Campaign Attempts to Make "Fun" Out of Cancer, Spying, fire and Over Billing

Smart Meter Energy Move That Bombed, Lands in NSW

Is the fix in?  I doubt it.  This graph only goes til 2011...many more rate hikes to be shown! 
Graph Shows Approx. 40% Increase in Electricity Bills Since 2007

By Dr. Timothy Schoechle, Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy 
Green Electricity or Green Money?

Other EMF Nightmares

This is a FANTASTIC show of people turning out and standing up for their rights!!!  Thank God for these people... 

Incredible admitting to using the human body to conduct the EMFs in this product 

"47.7 million public Wi-Fi hotspots by the end of the year, a number that's expected to grow to more than 340 million by 2018"...
WIFI Hot Spots - They're Everywhere! 

Europe Starts to Take EHS Seriously 

Carnival Cruises to Blast Customers with Super High Powered Microwave Beams and Charge them Extra for the Carcinogen

Good news!!!  Can't wait to get mine!!  :)  "Marking the transition from wearables to embeddables..."a tattoo-like embedded wearable that rests underneath the skin, in an unobtrusive, safe manner. It was created to help the enhancement of our lives on an emotional level, like feeling sensing, as well as for functional purposes, like safety and locks." "A wearable that can identify an individual and also knows the time and place of the individual's needs." "An embedded wearable is, quite simply, an extension of the self, and should be just as individual and expressive as the self." 
A Wearable, Embedded Tattoo Concept to Make Life Easier 


Experts - Why Wearable Tech Could Pose Health Risks

"Smart Schools" Sounded Good to 62% of NY-ers




Trailer to Laura Poitras Film on Edward Snowden... 
Citizen Four

Aint nothin' come for free... 

Edward Snowden "Get Rid of Dropbox, Facebook and Google!  Use Spider Oak, Redphone and Silent Circle."

Tips and Tools from EEF for Safer Online Communications

Time to drop find a new phone service... 

Governor Needs to put "Public" Back in PU

Please Do Your Homework!!  :)

Petition Hollywood, CA - You don;t have to live in Hollywood to sign...
Stop AT&Ts "Upgraded" Death Towers!

This agency does not report all wildlife killings, this is just what was reported in 2013.  The below photo was from an outraged Wildlife Services employee. 

  • more than 320 gray wolves
  • 75,326 coyotes
  • 419 black bears
  • 866 bobcats
  • 528 river otters
  • 3,706 foxes
  • 12,186 black-tailed prairie dogs (as well as destroyed more than 30,000 dens)
  • 3 golden eagles




Please sign the petition to De-Fund "US Wildlife Services"


Help Ban Wild Llfe Killing Contests In CA


Fighting and Finally WINNING Against Corporate Take Over

This is pretty unprecedented.  This county is taking the law into their own hands, literally, to fight back against corporate rule of their natural resources and other natural rights...

 Texas Town Bans Fracking!

"We said, 'We're not going to ask City Council anymore. We're going to ask the people whether they want this in their town or not,'" Hunter said.
  "I'm glad we did it here," she said. "We're in Texas. The message it sends to the world - it's like the belly of the beast. We just banned fracking [in the state] where it was invented."

FDA, Foe or Foe?

Environmental Public Health Advocates Sue FDA Over Banned Feed Additive

Oxy moron or just moronic?...
GAO Report Says US Does Not Test for Harmful Pesticides in Domestic or Imported Foods

Going Viral

Antibiotic Staph Infection Came From Livestock

Antibiotics Found in "Antibiotic Free" Fish

Chemical Mess

Ozone Destroying Chemical Making a Comeback, Scientists Find

Freight Train Full of Diesel Fuel Plunges Into Quebec River

Miscellaneous But Important

Excellent List of Doctors and Peeps...
The Truth About Cancer

Why should you care about what happens in El Salvador?  What happens to natural resources in El Salvador first, is a precursor to what happens globally... 
"...big companies make millions from El Salvador's water-rich Nejapa municipality, locals have little or no access to water."
Water Everywhere for Profit but few Drops for Locals to Drink

Above deep sea shrimp found to have cow DNA in their stomachs.
Are There Any Pollution Free Places Left on Earth?

The always fascinating World Bank whistle blower...
Karen Hudes Radio Interview Oct. 2014


Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Deborah Taveris, Omega News, Take Back Your Power, Marillyn Martin, Judi Hangartner, Kit Weaver, Patricia Burke, Warren Woodward, Sue Brinchman, Gayl Murphy, Sebastian Sanzotta, Andre Fauteaux, Laddie Lawdings,


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