Blessings of Ancestors and Karuppasamy
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Dr. Pillai Speaks
“There are problems that come from a great grandfather or grandmother or an animal that we have hurt in another lifetime. I suggest you do Tarpanam every day. It will not only help you, it will help the whole world. Once you are liberated, the whole world opens up to you.

If I have to recommend one solution for every one of our problems, be it financial, relationship or health, it is doing Tarpanam (offerings to the ancestors). Miracles do happen after the performance of the rituals.”
Ancestors: Past Impacting Future
Archetype in Focus
Soul Genetics is a science developed by the Siddhas (inner scientists) to modify your life on the earthplane by understanding the dynamics between you and your ancestors. It explains how you not only inherit your biological genes from your departed ancestors, but also inherit soul genes from them.

Since your ancestors are connected with you at the soul level, their blessings are a major reason why you ‘do’ or ‘do not’ succeed in this life. You have thoughts that come from your ancestors and you can change these thoughts by developing a relationship with your ancestors.
New Moon
Power Time
This phase of the Moon especially supports spiritual growth and release of those thought patterns and energies that do not serve you in different areas of your life. The next New Moon is on April 3rd (IST).

It is a Power Time for communicating with one’s deceased ancestors - both maternal and paternal. On this day, your ancestors look to establish a connection with you. You can honor them by performing Tarpanam, a special offering to release their souls into Infinite Light.

It is also a special time for Karuppasamy, revealed by Dr. Pillai as the archetype of the Golden Age, who is going to be predominant and play a very vital role in 2011 and thereafter.
Special Ritual : Tarpanam
Special Ritual
Dr. Pillai has declared ‘Tarpanam’ as the most important ritual to honor your ancestors and to remove various challenges in your life. It will be performed by Specialists in Kerala who have been specifically trained and divinely empowered to do this one particular ritual for generations. It will be done on your behalf on the upcoming New Moon on April 3rd (IST).

You can also perform Maha Tarpanam for the departed soul of any friend, relative, pet or even for people who have died in accidents or disasters. This particular form of Tarpanam is a compassionate and selfless act to pray for peace to the known or unknown souls.
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Fire Lab
Fire Lab
We are unaware of anyone else performing a fire ritual to this potent archetype. It is the very first time this outrageous fire ritual is being offered on the special recommendation of Dr. Pillai.

The world presently needs the divine intervention of Karuppasamy for solving the global problems that confront us today. Our Vedic Specialists will make special offerings into the fire and chant the quantum sounds of this compassionate archetype to invoke his enormous energy and seek quick solutions for human pain and suffering.
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Sound Writing
Sound Writing
On your behalf, we will get a dedicated proxy to write these sounds which invoke the energy of Karuppasamy. He symbolizes justice and is the ultimate guardian from all kinds of evil. This is one of the powerful sounds with the energy to carry out the prayers in a relatively short period of time.

Sound Writing is a simple, yet very effective technique to ground the energy of the sound into the writing. It is important to do this yourself or have someone do it on your behalf. Dr. Pillai recommends this technique for solving the challenges in life.
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New Moon @ San Diego Pillai Retreat Center
Quick Tips
~ On the upcoming New Moon (April 3 IST), you can perform your own simple Tarpanam ritual before sunset. Take some sesame seeds in your right palm, and pour water over it to wash over the offerings, while inviting your ancestors to accept the offerings and bless you.

~ Dr. Pillai suggests people to eat a small amount of raw ginger dipped in honey every day as this can change their ancestral soul DNA.

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Divine Chant for Karuppasamy

Golden Bilva Leaves

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