Workforce Development Primary Focus for Newly Installed
HBAV President Shawn Callahan
  RRHBA Member,
RRHBA Member and past Association President, Shawn Callahan was inducted as Home Builders Association of Virginia (HBAV) President in June. The following are excerpts from his acceptance speech that share his thoughts regarding his Association involvement and workforce development during his term.  Shawn gives Southwest Virginia a stronger presence in the building industry not only because of his service and dedication to RRHBA, but for his vision as our 2017-2018 HBAV President.
"In the fall of 2006, I was approached to see if I was interested in serving as an officer for RRHBA. I was a little reluctant at first, but then I thought I might be able to contribute to the Association's work in the community and the building industry. I was also somewhat reluctant when asked to serve as an officer for HBAV. Then, I Iooked at the election calendar and realized this is an election year. I knew I could bring forth the message of HBAV to the statewide candidates."

Shawn's interest in workforce development in the building trades is key to the challenges we continue to face in Southwest Virginia.
"I think we need to market the jobs in our industry similar to how the military markets itself. The construction industry has just as many jobs as the military, 314,000 in Virginia. We have just as many opportunities for individual growth and success. In addition, those who enter our industry will be preserving the American Dream. Our industry should be the first choice for those young people seeking training and a well-paying career. I know this first hand and will focus on ensuring HBAV is doing what it can to help them get a good start."

Please share your thoughts with Shawn regarding ways to strengthen the building industry and related trades in your service area and across Virginia. We have a strong voice who will represent our interests as we tackle the many challenges faced by our industry across Southwest Virginia. Shawn may be contacted at (540) 344-4294 or
RRHBA's leadership and Professional Enrichment Council in addition to the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) recognize the need for workforce development across the building trades. With the support of a NAHB grant and funding from other sponsors, RRHBA is proud to present the KATZ Roadshow ~ Frame To Finish Carpentry Clinic on October 11 at Salem Civic Center.

Katz Roadshow, a hands-on building clinic with Mike Sloggatt, remodeling specialist and nationally recognized author and teacher, could be the opportunity which inspires a new generation to become the next generation of great tradespeople. Details related to the upcoming roadshow can be found in this edition of The Nail Keg which can be dowloaded by clicking Read The Newsletter icon below.
In addition to the KATZ Roadshow, the Association has a full schedule of upcoming events. To see what you could be missing, read through the August edition of The Nail Keg, then register at

Warmest Regards ~ Nancy Kelderhouse, Executive Officer