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Delta Air Lines to Fill Career Gaps in Aviation with FAA-trained Graduates
What do you do when your industry is predicting an upcoming skills gap? If you are a company like Delta Air Lines, you roll up your sleeves and get to work by partnering with the top 38 FAA-approved schools in the nation who can fill aviation maintenance jobs with skilled employees.

" Over the last several months, Delta TechOps evaluated these schools and found that they were determined to meet FAA standards as well as Delta's high principles that exceed industry standards ," said Joe McDermott, managing director at Delta Air Lines, through a company statement. "Partnering with Delta will broaden access to the benefits of AMT careers available within the global aviation industry."
Everett Community College (EvCC) is one of the 38 FAA-approved schools chosen to be a part of this partnership.  

"During Delta's  rigorous evaluation process, we actually discovered that our program either exceeded Delta's standards or that we had already taken steps to integrate those standards into our curriculum," said Rob Prosch, associate dean of aviation at Everett Community College.

"To be partnered with a commercial airline like Delta demonstrates not only our capabilities as a program, but our willingness to respond to their training needs," said Prosch. 
Students practice on equipment in EvCC's new avionics lab

The news about the Delta Airlines partnership made us wonder what else is happening with EvCC's Aviation Maintenance Technology programs, so we decided to check in with Associate Dean of Aviation, Rob Prosch, to learn more.

Q: What's new at Aviation?
A (Rob): We have many initiatives underway. We have recently added an advanced avionics program, are in process of creating a more flexible and responsive curriculum, and have renovated and are updating our facilities.  We are seeking to launch the program's first evening Part 147 cohort in the next year as well as an industrial painting program.  

Q: Do you have any events or special activities on the horizon?
A (Rob): On September 23, we will be hosting our first annual Girls in Aviation Event. In the fall we will celebrate our program's 50th anniversary (more information coming soon).

Q: If someone was interested in Aviation Maintenance Technology programs, how should they get started? 
A (Rob): An interested person should attend one of our information sessions. We have them for both advanced avionics and the Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School.

Read more > about the new advanced aviation program, what a typical day looks like for students, where students get hired, and more. 
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EvCC also works directly with aviation companies like Korry at Esterline and  Spectralux Avionics to provide customized training solutions for employees.

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