Kids are flipping out about bottle flipping!

How you can create an easy game from the Bottle Flipping craze that is sweeping the Nation
Relevance in the Flip
We got this idea from a conference we were recently at, and had to share it with you all! You can create this "gameboard" for your flippers with things you already have at the church - we used four mostly empty water bottles, and four colors of duct tape!

Game Board Border

We used green tape, but you can use any color to make a border around the outside of the game play area. We made this one three foot by three foot, but you could do larger or smaller to fit in your space.
Bigger Point Zone

In the middle of your game board area, make a smaller square. This will be assigned a bigger point value - the kids will mostly aim at this area. (We used orange tape, but again, use any color)
Mega Bonus Points

In the middle of the orange square, add a small square target for mega points. If you make your gameplay area big enough, add a few more in other places. We put one in the middle of the orange square, and then one towards each of the corners of the green game play area.

Player Zones

We also laid out where each player needs to stand, so they can't shuffle towards any of the Mega Bonus squares. :) You can set the rules on if they can kneel, sit, or have to stand. (And believe me, you'll get all those questions!)

Scoring and Game Play

If the kids can flip their bottle and get it to stay standing up, the points are scored as follows:
- Within the game play square: 1 point
- Touching or within the smaller square: 3 points
- Touching or on the smallest squares: 5 points
- If they get the bottle to stand up on it's cap ("capping"), it's double points.

First one to 10 points wins!
See the Insanity

If you haven't seen the Bottle Flipping video on YouTube by Dude Perfect, you gotta see it. You may even want to play it in your service the first week you launch your bottle flipping game!

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