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The infertility industry in the United States has grown to a multi-billion dollar business. 


What is its main commodity? Human eggs.


Young women are being solicited on college campuses and online offering up to $100,000 for their "donated" eggs, to "help make someone's dream of a family 
come true."


But often, they're not being told the potential dangers and 
long-term risks...


If you know a young, college-age woman, please forward this email along to them. This is a film they won't want to miss.

Monday, June 13, 7:00 p.m.

Arizona Christian University's Student Activity Center


Panel discussion to follow screening of documentary with:

- Executive Producer Jennifer Lahl

- Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

- Center for Arizona Policy Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby

- Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel Brett Harvey

- Bioethics Defense Fund President Nik Nikas

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