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Beautiful Me, Inside and Out!

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Beautiful Me, Inside and Out!  


Within a blink of an eye, another year has come and gone. As you give 2011 a proper send off, know you are blessed to be given another year of magical moments and life changing experiences.. Whether your year has been a wonderful experience or one that you're happy to put to bed, either way, we encourage you to look at things differently through the looking glass, starting with yourself. Sign up for "Girl, Doing BETTER"..let trey anythony help you stick to your new years resolutions..ALL YEAR! Show a random act of kindness and give a "Don't Call Me Cupcake!" love package to a friend, teacher or that neighbour that always seems to be on their own.
     Share our beautiful history with your child. 2012 is a continued push to enrich our youth. Back by popular demand is trey anthony's "from da' street to da' ear" school tour and Rachael-Lea's "Broadway Bound is doing MOTOWN" for March Break, two movements changing young peoples lives!
Black Diamonds by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, is an art instillation reflecting some of the most inspiring women through our history, Take a look at this iconic women again, for the FIRST time! This month we ask you to find your beauty. What makes you beautiful from within? Smile more, breathe deeper, accept a compliment (and believe it), give without expectation, receive with grace. 
     Instead of giving yourself bad talk every morning, we ask that you lean over, get real close to mirror and tell yourself "You're a pretty bid deal, and you're beautiful

     "You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul's own doing" - Marie Stopes. 

Wishing you a life of beauty,

trey and Rachael-Lea


Trey with Hat
Message from trey

Are you insane?


Definition of insanity... doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!


We resolve to do better.  Make long lists, create vision boards, throw out the little "black book," clear out the pantry, buy a gym membership, and buy the latest self-help book. All in the hopes to better ourselves....  


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Tanya Pic GDB
Welcome Tanya, 
our new coach


Many people have asked me, "trey, how did you get your life in order? Achieve your goals! Work out some of your stuff?  Well I truly have to thank the wonderful Tanya Doucette, who has been a friend/mentor/ and personal life coach to me! Tanya has been there for me in some of the darkest moments of my life and has helped me walk through many moments of fear and insecurity. Thus, I am delighted to add her experience and sensitivity to our coaching team! Her speciality is working with womyn who have experienced trauma both physically, emotionally and mentally.  She is a dynamic force who will really help you to dig through the bull%^#@! of your life!!  She is the BEST, and I'm living proof of that!  Welcome Tanya! 


Tanya Doucette says hello! 


 Personal Message from Tanya

From 'da Street to 'da Ear..

Trey Anthony Studios presents "From 'da Streets to 'da Ear". The exciting black history month school board tour! Book now! Limited dates available!! 


So your students are tired of the "same old" assembly routine?  

You're desperate for something to inspire, entertain and get your youth excited! Come out and see a new and innovative show From 'da Street to 'da Ear!  Last year we performed at over twenty schools for the Toronto School Board and we are working with the TDSB again.  We are also booking for other school boards!  Click here to see what all the hype is about!!   

Trey Anthonys Ear 2 Da Streets
trey anthonys Ear 2 'da Streets


We've put together a great show that features several of Canada's well-known African Canadian artists and entertainers. The line up includes trey anthony from Global Television's 'da Kink in my HairDarren Anthony, from the hit play Secrets of a black boy.   Jemeni from Much Music Video on trial, and morning show host of G98.7 Fm, and the talented mix master DJ Dames! 


Rachael-Lea's BROADWAY BOUND... 


Do you have a little Diana Ross, Aretha or Marvin Gaye in your home? Perhaps some boys who would be The Perfect Temptations, or the Jackson 5? Yes, that's right! Broadway Bound Theatre Academy is doing it up LARGE this March Break Season. Inspiring our students to take a step back in time and find out where it all began..You're child will dance, sing and act their way through one of the most exciting times in Musical History...MOTOWN!

Broadway Bound Meets MOTOWN
Broadway Bound Meets MOTOWN
March Break will run from Monday March 12th -16th

A full day program from 9-4pm,


***Early drop off and late pick up available***


Caters to students 6-16 years of age. 




Ask us about our referral program and sibling discounts!  

Promotional discounts for children 14-16 years of age.


Call 416-901-0778 

or click on link below

rach for sway
Rachael-Lea's latest column in Sway 
A LONG overdue 
Break Up Letter
So I've been writing for SWAY a little over a year now, and It's been a wonderful tool for me to give voice to our community.
The most recent article is a break up letter to a Drug Store Cosmetic Counter. Can you guess which one? LOL...Check out the link below and enjoy.
Somebody's got to speak up ...right?!
Click on link below to view article!

Real Relationships with Rachael-Lea - 

Don't call me, It's OVER! 

trey's new article for the Huffington Post - State Of Emergency for Black Girls
 sweet little brown girl
Lately, I've become overly aware of little black girls between the ages of six to eleven years old. Little black girls with thick, short or long braids. Sometimes in their hair, they have a dozen rainbow colourful clips or multicolored beads, or tiny braids cane-rowed tightly into beautiful masterpieces. Their hair parted four million little ways with heavily greased scalps. They have thick beautiful lips, flat cute noses,and soulful big eyes. Their chocolate brown skin glistening, yet often they have forgotten to lotion ashy elbows or knees.
These little black girls remind me of myself. And I look for me in them...


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Womyn doing BIG TINGS!

Don't Call Me Cupcake! Bakery offers delectable handcrafted assortment of cupcakes, cakes and cookies.  Armed with original and unique recipes, we bake our scrumptious selection of treats from scratch using only the finest and freshest ingredients.  Don't Call Me Cupcake! specialises in single and couple serving size items....when you are looking for that small indulgence.  
647-760-DCMC (3262)

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Billie Holiday - Ashley



A Commemoration of Influential Women Performers In Black Entertainment History

February 7, 2012
7pm - FREE Admission
N'awlins Jazz Bar & Dining
299 King Street West

Art.  Hors D'Oeuvres. Live Performances.
Go on a journey with inspirational women performers from different eras of Black History.  With influences from the early 1800s to the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights movement, as part of her Black History exhibit Ashley McKenzie-Barnes launches her new collection of paintings commemorating these trail blazing women.

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