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October 2016 - Tishrei 5777
Dear Alumni and Friends, 

It's our pleasure to share with you highlights of our community events that took place this past summer.  Please see below for snippets about our inaugural  Light up the Night event, Family Fun at the Kohl's Children's Museum, LinkedIn 101 Workshop, Dual Book Launch at HTC and Yeshiva Women Summer Event.   

We thank you for your continued support of Hebrew Theological College. We wish you a gmar chasima tova and a happy and healthy new year!
Inaugural Light up the Night Event
Renewed Energy and Support for Our Yeshiva
On Thursday, July 21st, Hebrew Theological College welcomed nearly 300 alumni, donors, and community supporters to its Light up the Night event at Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood.  This inaugural event in support of scholarships at Fasman Yeshiva High School, featured stories by Rabbi Yechiel Spero and nigunim with a kumzitz by Yehuda Green.  Architectural Artifacts was transformed into a beautiful display of lights, boundless creativity and sumptuous buffets by Shallots Bistro.
This spectacular evening was skyrocketed to new heights by unbelievable sights of participants adding their voices to the heartfelt nigguim and spontaneously jumping into spirited dancing.   The camaraderie and enthusiasm for our Yeshiva reverberated throughout the room.
HTC thanks Mr. Avi Lev and the dedicated committee members for spearheading this event.  We look forward to building upon our renewed energy and we look forward to greeting you at next year's Light up the Night!  Pictures and video replays are available at .
Dual Book Launch at HTC

Mediating Modernity in a Traditional Community
On Sunday, July 10th, HTC hosted a special event, "Mediating Modernity in a Traditional Community."  This program celebrated the dual-book launch of Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff's "Who Rules the Synagogue" (Oxford) and "Modern Orthodox Judaism" (JPS) with conversation on modernity & religious authority featuring Rabbi Reuven Brand, Rabbi Zvi Engel & Rabbi Leonard Matanky.  Both books are currently available for purchase on
Family Fun at the Kohl Museum

Engaging our Alumni in Innovative Ways
On Sunday, September 4th, Hebrew Theological College hosted a morning of family fun at the Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview.  
This event, attended by over 200 people, enabled alumni to reconnect with their friends as their children happily played for two and half hours. HTC had access to the entire museum and provided endless amounts of snacks throughout the event. Please be on the lookout for HTC's next fun and exciting family event! 
LinkedIn 101 Workshop at HTC

Encouraging Networking in Our Community
On Monday, June 6th, Hebrew Theological College in partnership with Jewish B2B Networking hosted a LinkedIn 101 workshop with Chaim Shapiro, Assistant Director of Career Services at Touro College.  
This community workshop, taught about the evolution of LinkedIn, insider tricks, tips and how to create winning profiles to engage the right people. 
Yeshiva Women Summer Event

Ongoing Events for HTC's Yeshiva Women
On Sunday, August 7th nearly 50 women attended Yeshiva Women's Summer Event at the home of Mrs. Elise Ginsparg. Attendees were privileged to hear from Rabbi Dr. Jerry Lob, who discussed "Moving from Sin'as Chinam to Ahavas Chinam: With our Peers, With our Spouse and With our Children".

HTC thanks hostess, Mrs. Elise Ginsparg and Chairwomen, Sheila Segall and Shelley Zisook for their efforts to ensure the success of this inspiring event.
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