May 2015
Issue 19
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Polychem launches Translucent Collection
Translucent powder coatings, where the coating cures allowing printed information or a hint of the substrate to show through, are in demand.
With this in mind, Polychem has launched a new Translucent Collection. The collection features 18 beautiful shades, from subtle silvers and bold brass, to eye popping pinks and trendy teals.
Lauren Bayer, Polychem Manager commented "Everyone from promotional goods manufacturers and interior designers to automotive body shops has simply loved this product. We first showcased it at a trade show when we coated up aluminum water bottles, preprinted with our logos, with turquoise translucent powder. We coat them in the translucent powder as normal and the logos are completely covered.  Then as the powder cures, the bottle turns turquoise but our printed logos stand out as if they are on top of the coating. It's a great effect."
The Polychem Translucent Collection is available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with sample panels shipped out within 2 days. For more information contact your local representative or call 940-612-0401 for details.

Your business. Your Coating. Your Choice.

Call Lauren 940.612.0401 for details

New Ford color matched
The last few months have seen an unprecedented demand for a new color called "Caribou". Of course when the first request came in, the Polychem team matched it and made it within 7 days and sent it out to a very happy customer. Within days of that request several more came in and we quickly learnt that Caribou is a new color being used by Ford.
For more information contact your local representative or call 940.612.0401 for details.
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Polychem is known for quick, 5-7 day color matching lead times and flexible batch sizes.


Need it quicker?

Polychem expedite services are available!Reduce the lead time to 2 business days*

Expedite fee $275**



Call Lauren for details: 940.612.0401                                               *subject to raw material availability

                                               **Expedite fee only-powder & shipping cost not included

Restoring a WWII plane with Polychem


Duncan Cameron spends a lot of time thinking about WWII airplanes.

Specifically, his vintage Stinson L-5 plane, which he is lovingly restoring with the help of Polychem Powders. This plane was flown by U.S. Marine Corps pilots on Okinawa during the war as a spotter plane and "air ambulance" -used to evacuate critically wounded soldiers from the the front lines to field hospitals on safer parts of the island. 


This is the third plane that Cameron has restored, and the flexible batch quantities and quick turnarounds that come as standard with Polychem made getting the Polychem Federal standard 34094 green in a semi-gloss a no brainer. "I love these old planes," commented Cameron, "and restoring them to their former glory is a labor of love and a privilege I take very seriously. Carefully matching old colors with newer superior coatings is a great option; working with Lauren at Polychem made that part of the process simple, AND she is as enthusiastic and interested in my project as I am!"


Another of Cameron's restored planes, a WWII Iwo Jima combat veteran Stinson was winner of the 2012 NAHI Neil Armstrong Trophy, and is on display with the "Texas Flying Legends Museum" in Houston for all to see.


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Dazzling dark shades available to make a lasting impression

Try out the huge range of dark blacks, purples and greens available in the Polychem Crescent Collection. One of these great shades, available in flexible quantities as low as 5lbs, will be the perfect match for what your customer needs. Need sample panels? Just let us know. For sample panels or to order call 940.612.0401 for details. 


Lauren Bayer,
3601 N Interstate 35, Gainesville, TX 76240  940-612-0401