Bite-Size Blog #53 -- November 9, 2016

Starting a "new deck" with my 53rd BSB
From J. Morris Hicks

I began the BSB format in June of this year and now have a "full deck" in  the record book. And, by the way, I only mentioned our presidential election once (in August) in all of those first 52 BSBs.

Just so you know, I wrote this blog on the day BEFORE the election and scheduled it for publication on the day after. So, as I write this on Monday, I do not know whether our new president will be HIM or HER. But, in whichever case, I will remain an American citizen with no plans of moving to Canada or New Zealand anytime soon.

I still respect and honor our system of government and will do what I can do to help bring us back together. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, I grew up in four red states and have lived and worked in many* states of both colors for the past fifty years. Now, 
with friends and family in both camps, I believe that it is time for us to become "one nation" with a map that looks much less divided than this one.

Maybe we can begin the healing process by taking a look at the feelings and habits that are shared by over 300 million of us:
  • Love and respect for all kinds of animals
  • Love and respect for the environment
  • Love for all children and concern for their future
  • A wildly popular, yet grossly unsustainable, habit of eating animals and/or their products at almost every meal 
The healing must begin with education about our food choices. And I believe the best place to start is by taking a closer look at the most urgent problem in the history of humanity--climate change. 

This 12-point paper that I wrote in April of 2016 was designed to appeal to all rational people--regardless of their heritage, diet-style or political leanings. Click below for the printer-friendly version:

It's the Food!
I believe it's the best piece I have ever written. 
Sincerely, J. Morris Hicks

*My resident states since birth, in chronological order: Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Texas, Puerto Rico, Arizona, California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, and now Vermont, where I voted in person yesterday. I have also visited every state except Alaska and North Dakota.

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