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August 2012

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.  These pictures are worth even more--they tell the story of celebrating one's heritage, of merchants and residents who've dedicated their lives to making this neighborhood a better place, of local artists creating a gallery out of an old warehouse, and they even tell the story of a child's first haircut at a wonderful, locally owned salon. Enough for a novel, I'd say. 
Check out the pictures below, get a yummy local recipe and be sure to check out the great events coming up!  
Egleston in Pictures

PR Parade Float Columbus 2012 
A beautiful celebration of 
Puerto Rican heritage paraded through 
Egleston on July 29th!  
Photos courtesy of Richard Heath

Puerto Rican Parade 2012


Local merchants organized a clean-up day on July 28th, complete with power washers, supported by local residents, City officials and the YMCA. 


A Hidden Treasure 
on Atherton St. in Egleston!
Photos courtesy of Gloretta Baynes, AAMARP  
Isabella Stewart Youth Gallery AAMARP
Gloretta Baynes, Director of AAMARP

Gloretta Baynes

Chair of Northeastern's African American Artist in Residence Program (located at 76 Atherton Street). 

This building has an incredible gallery full of artwork from 

world-renowned artists!

Contact them to set up a visit.    


And we've saved the best picture for last:  

Logan Keck, of the Boston Project, sent out this picture on Instagram with the title: 

First haircut: 

First haircut 

  Photo taken at Latino Beauty Salon.  

Think you can top these photos?  

Send your pictures to us! 

 Local Summer Recipe! 

 It's summertime...and the eating is easy, cause it's LOCAL!


Want to make a delicious, healthy meal but don't have much time?  


Local Egleston resident Hannah Thomas can help!  She found all the ingredients for this meal in her garden and at local stores! 


Potato Salad


You will need:  
5-10 potatoes (from a local store)
a handful of fresh chives (from your garden or store)
mustard (from a local store)
sour cream (from Plaza Meat Market)
salt and pepper to taste
Cut the potatoes into 3-4 inch pieces and boil or steam them until cooked. Drain, then salt and pepper them and give them a shake in the pot to get the edges of the potatoes a little fluffy. 
Let them cool to room temperature. Add in a tablespoon of dijon mustard or whole grain mustard and a cup of sour cream to the potatoes. add the chives chopped. 
Mix well and serve chilled. 
I'm getting hungry already!  


Have another recipe you'd like to share?  Email us!    
     Egleston Square News!

Egleston Square Merchants' Meeting

Wednesday, August 15th at 9am

Millenium Restaurant

3094 Washington Street 


Egleston Square 

Summer Event 

Thursday August 23rd 5-8pm

Egleston Square YMCA

Youth performances

Kids' activities


Basketball tournament

& MORE!   





Egleston Square Main Street

Annual Meeting & 

Networking Breakfast Gala Nail owners at Annual Meeting

October 19th at 7:30am

Spencer House 

Rogerson Communities



Check out the Egleston Square calendar here for all the events happening in Egleston! 

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Betsy Cowan
Egleston Square Main Street