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July 2013

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As most of you will have seen in our special announcement mail-out, Patricia King will be with us here in Auckland for a weekend of ministry on October 4th & 5th. We are looking forward to that weekend so much and know Patricia will have much to share and impart that will impact both personal lives and the nation. Plan on being with us if you can, we know you will be so blessed if you do.


In place of an article this month we have included a prophetic word given recently at Te Anau by Lyn. It is a word of national significance and outlines a part of God's plans for us as the Church in New Zealand. Do take the time to read the entire prophecy, you will find much in it that will give you strategy for living in this time.


Thanks heaps to all those who pray for us as a ministry. It does make a difference. There are some prayer directives after our itinerary section below which will give you an idea of areas that you can pray into.








Given by Lyn Packer 16th June 2013

This is a word that Lord gave in a morning Church service in Te Anau recently that is first for the Church in New Zealand but also is, I believe, for the Church everywhere. As it was given, there was a very real sense of the manifested weighty presence of God with people literally physically feeling burning in their chests/hearts as it was given and for hours afterwards. 

"I say to you victory is your starting point, not need! Provision is your starting point, not need. I've given you eyes to see; will you see, will you look from my perspective?

I'm raising up a company in this nation; a company of burning hearts, a company of those who see rightly, whose starting point is the as yet unseen reality of my promise. I am raising up a company of those who will take me at my Word and see that my promises have been fulfilled before they are given, who see the provision has arrived before its journey started. I am raising up those who see ahead of time to an already established reality and I am doing it in this place, in this time.

Can you see them? Can you see them, because they are you! I am doing a work in your life that will forever shift your sight line! Today I decree a shift in your sight line. No longer will you be satisfied with seeing through veiled or faithless eyes; no longer will you be satisfied with seeing from a 'needs' perspective. Today I say you shall now see with spirit eyes; the eyes of a seer are released today, here and in this nation. I give you eyes to see, and to function from the place of victory already established, from provision already given..."

To read more of this prophetic word click here






God's love speaks life; it gives hope and releases people into their destiny. What is their destiny? To be set free from burdens, to receive Good News, to be able to see and recognise that they are truly loved by the God of the Universe!


The All Blacks won, yay; and it was a huge win for the 30 or so that came throught the stall last night! A lady and her daughter were curious about the Menu board - Destiny card picked was "Shine", her name meant "Gold" and her shoulder pain went from a 6/10 to zero - healed! It was one of the many precious moments from the night. A girl comes in limping and walks out healed. Brothers receive encouraging words and a prayer for spinal problems - he receives minimal relief but later in the night they come back and the other bother who we did not pray for earlier was completely healed from his own back pain! A lady with abdominal pain was completely healed as well that night.

To read even more amazing testimonies from this month's outreaches click here.



9th April - July 5th Rob & Lyn at Revival School Aotearoa, Te Anau
Fiordland New Life Church, Te Anau
Contact:Benji Alexander Ph 03 249 4063
13th - Pakuranga Night Market 6pm - 12
Contact Andrew & Erin Bradley 09 524 4110
27th Pakuranga Night Market 6pm - 12
Contact Andrew & Erin Bradley 09 524 4110
4th & 5th - Patricia King, Conference at Horizon Church, Auckland. Contact Lyn Packer ph 09 833 6873

Thanks for your prayers for us as a team. Below are some prayer directives to help you know what areas to pray into.


  • Continue to pray for Rob and Lyn during this last week of Revival School and for the other staff and students there as they look at re-entry into their churches and jobs.
  • Pray that the students would know God's plans for their lives for after Revival School. 
  • Thank God for the way He has provided for Rob and Lyn during this time, decree that the windows of heaven are continually opened and pour out blessing on them.
  • Pray for more ministry opportunities to be opened into the churches of the nation for Rob & Lyn and the XP team.
  • Begin to pray into Patricia's visit with us in October, for planning details to fall into place, for the finances needed to run the event, for wisdom and revelation to flow as we plan and prepare. 
  • Pray for the team that minister at the Night Market in Pakuranga and at the Wise Cicada shop in Newmarket - Decree the release of God's incredible love and power as they minister, pray for more salvations and more miracles of healing and for revelation of God's great love for people as they come to the stall. 
  • Pray for God to add workers for the harvest, for more people with a heart to see the lost find Christ to be trained up and released.
  • Pray for the XPNZ events as listed in the itinerary. 
Have a great month releasing heaven wherever you go.
Bless you...

Releasing Heaven on Earth together...and having fun doing it


Rob & Lyn Packer
XP Ministries New Zealand




You can contact us at XP Ministries New Zealand
through the following channels:
email nz@xpmedia.com ph 09 833 6873 www.xpnewzealand.com
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