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September 7, 2016

In Their Own Words:
Not Who We Are Day 2  

New York – Each day the chorus of voices standing up to declare that Donald Trump and his campaign of racism, bigotry and divisiveness are Not Who We Are grows louder.  From students at the Ohio State University, to young Americans, to people of Mexican heritage, Americans are using the Not Who We Are platform to organize within their own communities. 

Below, in their own words, are their reasons for standing up (as alway, these are real quotes from real people who started real letters):

“It is important to realize that Donald Trump is trying to creat[e] a movement to make fear-mongering and hatred acceptable. These are not the foundations this country was founded upon, and cannot become what The Ohio State University or this nation is about.”
---Joseph Paquette, student at the Ohio State University

“I'm a first generation Mexican immigrant who seeks to make this country better for all. As a United States Citizen, I vow to use my voice and empower the voices of others to stand against injustices against humanity. My parents, family, and friends and people within the Mexican American community are hardworking individuals. The love, generosity, and kindness of the Mexican American community is a staple of American culture. We must stand up for those that are most at risk from Trump’s rhetoric and policies, and defeat his brand of hate once and for all.”
---Jesus Palma, creator of an open letter from Mexican Americans

“Donald Trump does not represent America and does not represent the University of Chicago Alumni community. It is our responsibility to speak up. As members of the University of Chicago Alumni community, we must stand together against the racial, religious, and other intolerance that Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric promotes.”
---Judith Freeman, creator of an open letter from University of Chicago alumni

“Donald Trump does not represent Young America. Young Americans know that love trumps hate. No one, especially young Americans who have witnessed it first hand, likes bullies, and that's exactly what Donald Trump is. We must defeat him. And together, we can.”
---Hayden Suarez-Davis, creator of an open letter from young Americans

“Not Who We Are” is a movement of people from across the United States who are speaking their conscience by starting open letters as employees, professionals, students, and members of civic institutions to say that Donald Trump’s racially intolerant rhetoric and policies are “Not Who We Are.” The campaign features , an innovative online platform that allows Americans who are disgusted by Trump’s attacks to sign an open letter or create a more targeted one of their own. 

To learn more about Not Who We Are, follow us on twitter at @NotWhoWeAre or visit .

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