Read this issue to see all about the adventures of Winston (happy ending included and highlights on another foster and her mom. 
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Debra & Kevin Westrick and Foster Lacey
 Please allow me to introduce you to Debra & Kevin Westrick (one of our fabulous fosterers couples) and her current foster Lacey.  We touch base with our fosterers quite often as to how the dog is coming along, settling in and what health problems need to be addressed.

After 6 years of marriage Debra knew she had to come to terms with the fact that children were not in her future. Saddened and unsure what to do with all the love she had to share she was at a loss. She knew there had to be more to life, that there was something she could do to help someone. And then she ran across a rescue web site and everything became clear.

Debra’s husband Kevin was dubious at first. He knew first-hand how much she loved animals of any kind and dogs especially. Kevin‘s concern lay in the fact that he was doubtful Debra  could actually give up the dog once she  brought it home. But after expressing his concern he supported Debra.

Not only did she bring home a dog to foster, she brought home 2 bonded, young, un-socialized, high energy, English Springer Spaniels. And so she and Kevin began their  fostering career.

That was 13 years and many, many fosters ago, mostly English Springer Spaniels. Over time they became the home they received the ones with special needs; Cushing’s, diabetes, vestibular, heartworm, torn ACLs, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, seizures, kidney disease, cancer. They provided hospice care for springers that had lived their entire lives in a crate or a kennel and created bucket lists to ensure in their remaining time they experiences all the things a much loved pet should.

While Debra is the one that works with the rescue Kevin helps her with everything else. Vet visits, special diets, medications, cleaning up, training and most importantly, loving them all. Kevin also the one that keeps Debra honest. As all foster homes, she is tempted to adopt each one. But he helps her to be strong and then cries with her when they send them on to their forever homes.

Recently Debra and Kevin have begun fostering English Setters for A & B and have loved the experience. They have learned this breed is much different than English Springers Spaniels in that they are often purchased for hunting rather than as pets and then left alone in a kennel for sometimes years without medical attention or love.  In the years to come they hope to provide many English Setters with safe haven until their special family finds them.

Debra and Kevin are fostering Lacey. Her only health issue is the fact she is HW+ and she shows few of the symptoms. As many of the dogs that come into A&B she’s undergoing a  4 month treatment regime.  

 She certainly was misunderstood and a classic example of why the shelter environment is not the optimum place for a dog to find the right home. Debra says Lacey has been a joy to foster and some family is going to be very, very lucky to get her. 

 Her first 2 days with Debra and Kevin were very trying. She was simply terrified from the shelter, the 2 day transport and had shut down. It was also obvious she has been abused and she was expecting them to strike her for unknown transgressions. She wouldn't set foot in the house and when they carried her in she just lay on the floor and whimpered. One can only imagine what experiences she had in her previous home.

 It took her a few days to understand there is no punishment only love and once that was understood she started to come out of her shell. Within the first week she was a different dog and she is now just about a perfect setter and is extremely devoted to her people. 

 They have started to introduce her to strangers and while nervous, she is letting them approach and pet her so they are reasonably confident she will be able to overcome her "shyness", which is really a fear of punishment and a trust issue.

 She has never had an accident in the house and is very, very obedient. She watches Debra and Kevin constantly waiting for queues that she is doing the right thing. She is treat oriented and wants desperately to please you and as a result she learns quickly.

 She is not very birdy but as she realizes she isn't going to be punished she is starting to show some interest in setting squirrels. It gives them great pleasure watching her enjoying life and simply being a dog. 

 A heartfelt message from Debra “Please consider fostering this beautiful, elegant breed and help support A & B in their mission to help as many as possible. Fostering rewards in so many ways; the satisfaction of seeing a sick, scared dog transformed into a healthy, confident pet. And the lifelong friendships you develop with their adoptive homes.  Thank you!”

The amazing story of Winston & his rescuers!!!!
Winston’s Story – as told by Sarah Buku & Jo Graham – Aug, 11, 2016
Sarah has been a temporary foster mom for pets in need since she was about 11 years old.  This story is about her favorite foster dog called Winston. Winston came into Sarah’s life by way of a potential cleaning client, she was in their home giving them a quote. Winston was running amuck in the yard and was incredibly thin. November in Michigan, freezing outside & he had no food or water set out for him. The owner was hospitalized and the people caring for him stated that they felt that he was being abused-they told Sarah that Winston was stubborn and stupid and he never listened. But Sarah knew why! Winston was deaf. Thankfully, the caretakers surrendered Winston to her.

Sarah began working with him right away, taking him to the vet & teaching him sign language. He was 37 pounds when she took Winston in but he was soon a beefy 51 pounds. Sarah and her family adored Winston. He got along with the children as well as their other dogs. With patience, his sign language vocabulary SOARED! He knew sit, stay, kennel, outside, cookie, good boy and also his name! Winston is a purebred English Setter and as setters do, he LOVED to run-often escaping if the door was left ajar. His first adventure was an escape though a hole in Sarah’s fence. A 6 block chase ensued before Sarah started posting frantically on local garage sale and animal rescue sites. Winston was found and taken into a home a few blocks away from his home. Thanks to social media, by 11:30 p.m. that same night Winston was back snuggled in his own bed.

That was the beginning of Winston’s illustrious career as an escape artist. Winston has jumped into a freezing creek in the middle of winter, unable to continue swimming as he was so cold: he rested on a chunk of ice until Sarah found and rescued him. Both were treated for frostbite! An additional 2 escapes found him stopping traffic on a major highway, both ended well but it was the beginning of his crime spree. This time he was released from Animal Control on Sarah’s good word. After those incidents it was agreed that Winston needed more training in a yard setting with a good strong fence. His quality of life wasn’t what it should have been with temporary fosters despite how much he was loved and how well cared for he was, he needed space to run!

Through a contact on Facebook, Marcy Borelli, suggested Sarah contact Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue. A&B was happy to take over Winston’s fostering and help find him a forever home. While giving up Winston was one of the hardest things Sarah has ever done, she knew that he would be in good hands and above all else-safe!

His new foster home was still in Michigan with Jennifer Cloherty (A&B transport coordinator and foster extraordinaire) but after a few weeks, the decision was made that Winston would do better in a foster home that was experienced with deaf dogs. Off he went to middle Tennessee to Debbie Buskirk (A&B Secretary & and the keeper of all records!!). (As you can see, every volunteer multi-tasks all over the place. In fact this weekend Debbie filled in for Jennifer spending 2 full days coordinating a transport that funnily enough we did a leg on.)  Of course Winston flourished and charmed everyone he met along the way.

The primary goal of Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue is to find the rescues they help find forever homes. The application process and background checks assure everyone that the dogs are going to the best homes.

It wasn’t long before there was a home for Winston, but he was going to need to go on a very long journey to meet his new mom and if you will be patient reading you will find that his life just gets more and more adventurous!

Over 2 weekends Winston traveled towards his new mom, Monica in Oregon. Monica drove from her home to Nevada to meet his transport and take him home. On August the 7th Monica got as far as Winnemucca, Nevada where she was in a crash that rolled her car not once but 3 times. Winnemucca is surrounded by some pretty desolate countryside and Monica was on a very isolated stretch of road. When Monica regained consciousness her first concern was Winston. He had been tethered into the car but when the car rolled he made his move to escape. Monica was transported to the hospital for treatment for extensive injuries, severe enough she spent some time in ICU.

Imagine Winston, alone in the desert, no water or food to be found, he can’t hear at all. We didn’t know what injuries he must have sustained in the crash. We didn’t know if there were predatory animals about that might hunt him down. He must have been terrified. His former foster Sarah started posting immediately on social media and considered flying out herself to help search. Heidi Kozubal, another special A&B transport coordinator, (but not permitted to foster any more as she’s foster failed too many times and hubby says they are at their limit for dogs ) was the contact person for the search for Winston. The Winnemucca Animal Rescue Group and many, many others we out searching for Winston. He was spotted on Monday night but wouldn’t be caught.  Even his temporary foster during the 2-weekend journey was on the phone calling restaurants and hotels, gas stations, anyone she could to get the word out. 

Tuesday morning a very special person got involved. Jo Graham has had search and rescue training. She had the info as to where the accident had happened and went in search of debris from the wreck, by passing it once, turning around and returning to the same location to spot the debris. She marked her starting point and walked west, using a grid search she first spotted canine feces. . .yay! A good sign. She hit the fence line and turned to walk North spotting still more feces. Continuing the search under every prickly bush on hard packed soil that showed no footprints, she returned to her car for water as she was prepared to spend the day searching for Winston.  She turned to the East from her car and what should appear before her eyes about 100 feet out was a gleaming white dog. He just sat right up like, “Hi, here I am. . .were you looking for me?”  Jo took every precaution as to not frighten Winston. She was very careful to move slowly so as not to startle him since he couldn’t hear her. She kept making slow movements with her arm to keep him focused on something. At one point she’d thought he’d disappeared but instead Winston was picking his way through the scrub making his way to her. He stopped about 40 feet out and waited. Jo cautiously turned to her car got water and a water bowl out. Showing Winston her every movement, holding the water up, hoping he’d get a whiff of it since without hearing his other senses would be sharper and she was right. Winston headed right for the water and was lapping away happily just a few seconds later. Jo had a leash ready and after she’s stroked Winston and he didn’t bolt, snapped the leash in place. Talk about happiness. . .Jo was elated at finding him and Winston was clearly glad to be in the arms of his rescuer.

Both in Jo’s car, she started making phone calls. No internet access available, she called her daughter and asked her to get on line and get the word out that Winston was safe. Jo was able to call Heidi Kozubal (Heidi was coordinating the search).  and compare numbers on his tags to assure that Winston was indeed the dog everyone was looking for. Now, I know Heidi, and I am confident in saying that there were tears of joy running down her face. She had such a big heart for rescue, losing one was just out of the question!

Jo reluctantly turned Winston over to Officer Darlington of the Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Office who had personally been out to the location 3 times searching for Winston. So now Winston has yet another “arrest” on his record.

Officer Leslie Darlington took him in to custody and hurried Winston to a local vet to an examination. Good fortune allowed Winston to survive this terrifying crash with only some road rash and an adventure in the desert. The number of people that assisted in this search and rescue are just too numerous to mention but I will name a few. Jolene and Kristina who live out that way were searching as well. Theresa Cooley Meyer volunteered to foster Winston until Monica was well enough to take him.

Theresa hit the road the moment she got the call that Winston was safe. The local television station did a brief article on Winston and Jo Click here to see the news article

Follow up: Monica is recovering from her extensive injuries but this is going to take quite some time. Because of the length of her rehab, she’s asked that A&B search for a new home for Winston as Monica doesn’t feel that it’s fair for him to wait for his forever home until she is well.  Click here to view Winston's adoption page!
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Volunteer of the Month - Heidi Kozubal
There are 2 people with Above & Beyond that I have a lot of contact with, Jennifer Cloherty and Heidi Kozubel, both are  transport coordinators. This article was written at my request by Heidi.

Transport Coordinator   Heidi Kozubal (Jeannette, PA)
"From the time we adopted our first boy Codie from a local rescue in 1998 it struck me how many different people played a role in getting him from animal control, getting him vetted, fostering him and getting him ready for adoption and I knew at that point that someday I wanted to help.  Years later my cousin who is involved with Siberian Husky rescue forwarded me a transport request for an English Setter coming through my area.  I had NO idea what a transport even was.  We did that first one and then started driving anytime a setter came our way.  Then from meeting other drivers they started sending us other runs and we ended up driving everything from a 15 pound beagle to a 140 pound mastiff (on the same day!) – but I was always most partial to setters.
My "day job" deals a lot with planning and logistics and a lot of analytical work.  I'm not even sure where I saw or heard a comment that they could use some help putting together runs and I thought - hmmmm, I might be able to do that.  I remember Jennifer telling me how to write up a transport, where to post, who to email, how everything should be formatted and I thought OMG.  I was someone who didn’t even use facebook and all of a sudden I had to join ~50 groups and post and comment and add photos!  That was the biggest adjustment.

I also remember thinking oh, yeah – I can coordinate a transport or two per month.  This past weekend we moved 6 dogs in just 2 days so the thought of one or two per month is out the window!
I’ve always been very fond of A&B.  When our boy Codie passed away in 2008 we applied to adopt through A&B.  The person who did our home visit was with a boxer rescue and she frequently visited rural shelters within our tri-state area to pull boxers and she mentioned what she thought was a setter in a horribly dumpy shelter about 3 hours from us.  We ended up adopting that boy from the shelter (our bench boy Price) and though I was so grateful to have him in our lives, I felt badly that A&B had processed our application and organized the home visit and invested that time with us and then we didn’t adopt from them.  But they were so gracious about it.  I remembered their kindness and that’s why when I wanted to volunteer I reached out to A&B.
(Since our application to A&B in 2008 when we adopted our shelter boy Price instead, we ended up adopting a girl Stella from a local shelter, then Molly from OESR after we fell in love transporting her sister.  And then after starting to volunteer as a TC, I agreed to keep Jasmine for a few days before she transported to her foster.  That was more than a year ago and Jasmine is at my feet right now – so finally 7 years after our application to A&B we adopted an A&B dog!)

Heidi was heavily involved with the coordination of finding Winston and shown in the previous article. In additions she's working hard to find another rescue that decided to take a side trip.

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