In this issue ... see us at AVMA, call for abstracts, spotlight on VSC Athletic Center, Instagram winner, practice acts, technician corner case study, and more!
Dr. Cara Blake
President's Message

Become Involved with AARV!

AARV is a great organization because of its membership. As members, we certainly appreciate the benefits such as the monthly newsletter, articles of interest and the grant opportunities. The benefit that is most valuable to me, however, is our membership. It is such a tremendous resource - whether needing a sounding board for a challenging case or finding a new rehab practice for a client who is moving. All you need to do is reach out and before you know it, someone responds with an answer.

If you have ever read the newsletters or perused the website and contemplated taking on a more active role in AARV, this is your chance! At the end of this year, several directors will complete their terms, so we will have several open positions on the Board of Directors for which we will be accepting nominations. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow members as well as participate in the future growth of AARV.

We will be posting the available positions and descriptions in the July newsletter. However, I wanted to throw out some food for fodder - something to think about as you enjoy the beginning of your summer! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.
Happy Summer!

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See Us at the AVMA Convention in July!

AVMA logo 
AARV will have an exhibit booth at the AVMA Convention, taking place July 21-25 in Indianapolis. If you will be there, stop by and say hello!

Several AARV members also are presenting lectures at the AVMA Convention. Be sure to check them out! 
  • Dr. Cynthia Otto: Friday, July 21, 3-3:50 p.m., Four-Legged Officers: The Life of Police Dogs (1363)
  • Dr. Nina Kieves: Tuesday, July 25, 10-10:50 a.m., Physical Therapy Post-Orthopedic Surgery: Is It Necessary? (1439)
Call for Abstracts

VMX logo
Every year at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (formerly the NAVC Conference), AARV features the presentation of original scientific studies pertinent to the science and practice of rehabilitation therapy. Material is currently being considered for verbal presentation (15 minutes) at AARV's track at VMX. Reviews will be performed by a minimum of 2 reviewers and final approval by AARV's Board of Directors. All accepted abstracts will be published in AARV's newsletter.

Abstract submission guidelines are detailed on the AARV website. Please submit your abstracts for review and/or questions to Carolina Medina via email at tcvmvet@yahoo.com.
Important Abstract Submission Deadlines

July 1, 2017 Final call for abstracts
September 15, 2017 Abstract submission deadline
October 15, 2017 Decisions notified to authors and corrections requested
November 15, 2017 Corrected abstract submission deadline
December 15, 2017 Final decision notified to authors
February 2019 Oral delivery with PowerPoint presentation of study at VMX (formerly NAVC)

To learn more, read the Abstract Submission Guidelines on the AARV website.

Thank You for the Great Survey Response!survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on rehabilitation following CCL surgery in dogs. We had 189 responses! We will share the results once they are analyzed. We also hope to publish the results and will present them at upcoming conferences.

Kristin Kirkby Shaw, DVM, MS, PhD, CCRT, Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVSMR
Antonio Pozzi, Prof. Dr. med. vet., Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVSMR
Leslie Eide, DVM, CCRT, ACVSMR Resident (PE Pathway)

STAAR Conference Presentations Available Online

We have added three presentations given by Dr. Cara Blake and Dr. Leilani Alvarez at the STAAR conference to the Members Area on the AARV website. To view all the proceedings, log in to the Members Area and go to the Conference Proceedings page.
Veterinary Specialty Center logo and photo
VSC Athletic Center

At Veterinary Specialty Center we tap into our passion every day. Whether it's caring for our patients or volunteering in the community, that spirit is evident every day, especially in the rehabilitation department. After 15 years of building our program at our independently-owned, multidisciplinary specialty and emergency practice located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, we opened our new 8,600-square-foot VSC Athletic Center in July 2016. Located just one block west of our main location, this new facility features a 3,600-square-foot gym for physical rehabilitation, which has enabled us to expand our services to include strengthening and core conditioning.

Continue reading about VSC Athletic Center ...
Congratulations to Our Instagram Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to our May Instagram Contest Winner @Dr._Vet_Alvarez. Thank you to all who participated and an extra #Thankyou to the #CanineRehabInstitute for their sponsorship. Keep an eye out for our next contest!
Instagram contest entries
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clinicalresearchInterested in Conducting Clinical Research?

Are you interested in conducting clinical research but don't know where to start?
The Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) has created a new online course to demystify clinical research for practicing rehabilitation therapists, interns and residents.  Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Research  is taught by CRI faculty member  Chris Zink, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DACVSMR who has spent more than 30 years doing research. 
The entire process from concept to publication is covered during the 10-week course. You will view online lectures, read assignments, and participate in an online live discussion with Dr. Zink each week. You will develop a research hypothesis that matches your interests and clinical caseloads, and then design, carry out and analyze the data for a pilot study. This course is RACE approved by the AAVSB for 15 credit hours.

There are students from the first course that are now collaborating on studies and have been awarded research grants.
AARV members receive a 10% tuition discount. If you have questions or are interested in registering for the next session, email CRI at info@caninerehabinstitute.com.
Dog at capitol building
Veterinary Practice Acts -
Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

by Kristyn Richardson, DVM, CCRT, CVSMT
Legislative Liaison

Hello AARV members! Here are the next two states.
View veterinary practice act

In Pennsylvania, the definition of veterinary medicine and the practice of veterinary medicine is as follows:
(9) "Veterinary medicine" means that branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, administration, prescription, operation or manipulation or application of any apparatus or appliance for any disease, pain, deformity, defect, injury, wound, physical condition or mental condition requiring medication of any animal or for the prevention of or the testing for the presence of any disease. (10) "Practice of veterinary medicine" includes, but is not limited to, the practice by any person who (i) diagnoses, treats, corrects, changes, relieves or prevents animal disease, deformity, injury or other physical, mental or dental conditions by any method or mode, including the prescription or administration of any drug, medicine, biologic, apparatus, application, anesthetic or other therapeutic or diagnostic substance or technique, (ii) performs a surgical operation, including cosmetic surgery, upon any animal, (iii) performs any manual procedure upon an animal for the diagnosis or treatment of sterility or infertility of animals, (iv) represents himself as engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, (v) offers, undertakes, or holds himself out as being able to diagnose, treat, operate, vaccinate, or prescribe for any animal disease, pain, injury, deformity, or physical condition, (vi) uses any words, letters, or titles in such connection or under such circumstances as to induce the belief that the person using them is engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine and such use shall be prima facie evidence of the intention to represent himself as engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, (vii) performs diagnostic veterinary pathology, (viii) implants electronic identification, as determined by the board, upon any animal, (ix) renders advice or recommendation by any means including the electronic transmission of data with regard to any of the above, or (x) removes any embryo from an animal for the purpose of transferring such embryo into another animal or cryopreserving such embryo, except it shall not be considered the practice of veterinary medicine when: (a) a person or his fulltime employee removes or transfers an embryo from the person's own animals for the purpose of transferring or cryopreserving the embryo, so long as ownership of the animal is not transferred or employment of the person is not changed for the purpose of circumventing this act, or (b) a person independently, with indirect veterinary supervision, implants any embryo into an animal.
There is no mention specifically of animal physical rehabilitation or of a rehabilitation team.
Rhode Island
Rhode island is currently trying to update their definition of veterinary medicine:
It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows: SECTION 1. Section 5-25-7 of the General Laws in Chapter 5-25 entitled "Veterinary Practice" is hereby amended to read as follows: 5-25-7. Practice of veterinary medicine defined. (a) Any person shall be regarded as practicing veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry within the meaning of this chapter who, either directly or indirectly, when he or she does any of the following: (1) Represents himself or herself as engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, veterinary surgery, or veterinary dentistry in any of its branches. (2) Diagnoses, prognoses, treats, administers, prescribes, operates on, manipulates or applies any drug, biologic, or chemical or any apparatus or appliance for any disease, pain, deformity, defect, injury, wound, or physical condition of any animal for the prevention of or to test the presence of any disease. (3) Cuts any tissue, muscle, organ, or structure of any animal for the purposes described in subdivision (2) of this subsection or purpose or for the purpose of altering the natural condition of any animal or for any other purpose, cause or reason. (b) The term "practicing veterinary medicine" does not include: (1) The calling into the state for consultation of duly licensed or registered veterinarians of any other state as to any case under treatment by a veterinarian registered under the provisions of this chapter. (2) The experimentation or research of a registered physician, dentist or osteopath. (3) The experimentation and research activities conducted at any hospital, laboratory, or educational institution provided the activities have been approved and authorized by the division within the period of one year prior to the commencement of each separate project or activity or are conducted under the general supervision and control of a registered veterinarian, physician, dentist, or osteopath. (4) The gratuitous giving of aid or relief to an animal in any accident or emergency; provided, the person giving the aid or relief does not represent himself or herself as a registered veterinarian. (5) The nursing care to animals in the establishment or facilities of a registered veterinarian under his or her general supervision, direction and control by the employees of the veterinarian or the activities of a person assisting a veterinarian during the course of any procedure or treatment. (6) A person who is a regular student in a legally chartered college or school of veterinary medicine while in the performance of the duties and activities assigned by his or her instructors and provided there is a licensed veterinarian to supervise those acts. (7) A person who is a member of the armed forces of the United States or who is an employee or official of the United States department of agriculture, public health service, or other federal agency or of the state, who while so commissioned or employed, performs official duties. (8) A person authorized by the Rhode Island state or federal animal health official to conduct vaccinations, or testing of animals for the purpose of disease control activity under the supervision of an that authorizing official. (9) A person who advises with respect to or performs acts which are livestock management and animal husbandry practices that have been accepted and performed as defined in the duly promulgated rules and regulations governing livestock welfare. Prescription drugs shall not be used except by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian, as provided by state and federal law. (c) Upon the determination by the attending zoo veterinarian that there is no available licensed Rhode Island veterinarian with specialized skills to provide the necessary treatment, assistance can be sought from a licensed human medical practitioner to provide treatment to an animal that is part of the zoological collection. The licensed veterinarian shall maintain responsibility for the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.
The original link to the practice act does not have these changes yet. It is still being considered for approval in the state legislature. The original wording is in the link on the AARV website. Interestingly, no mention is made in the original definition, the new definition, or in the remainder of the practice act specifically mentioning animal physical rehabilitation.

See the State Practice Acts page on our website for links to veterinary and physical therapy practice acts.
Hope you have a great month!

Case Study: Self-Mutilation of Digits in a Military Working Dog after Tarsometatarsal Arthrodesis

by Kelley Meyer, AAS, LVT, LATG, CCRP
Rehab Therapy Technician, DOD Military Working Dog Veterinary Hospital, JBSA Lackland, San Antonio, Texas

Chandler, an active-duty Military Working Dog (MWD) transferred to the Dog Center for Surgery and Rehabilitation care. Canine, Belgian Malinois, Male-intact, 5 Yrs. old (DOB 3Mar11). He became acutely non-weight-bearing lame on left hind limb during a training event. The initial assessment found a left tarso-metatarsal fracture/luxation. His left tarsus was rotated laterally and severely painful, and he was non-weight bearing lame in the left pelvic limb. Upon Chandler's initial evaluation, he was prescribed Tramadol (6mg/kg) TID & Carprofen (2.2mg/kg) BID and a Robert Jones bandage was placed on the left hind limb under sedation. Pre-operative blood panels were performed and then surgery was scheduled. Arthrodesis of the left tarsometatarsal joint was performed involving placement of a lateral plate across the proximal intertarsal and all tarsal joints, and a medial plate across the middle and distal intertarsal joints. After surgery, he was prescribed Cephalexin (25mg/kg BID) and Hydromorphone (3 mg) every 3 hours for the 24-48 hours as well as continuing the Tramadol and Carprofen. Cryotherapy on his left tarsal area using a cold compression unit with a stifle sleeve with medium to high pressure for 15 minutes was performed during recovery. Continue reading about Chandler ...

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The technicians on the Organizing Committee of the APRVT would love to speak at your clinic or local conference! Contact us at
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Please visit the APRVT website and social media sites to learn more about us and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Do you have an article in mind for the Technician Corner?  Contact Dawn Hickey, LVMT, CCRP, AARV Technician Liaison, to submit an article (suggested length of 200-300 words) or suggest a topic. 
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The June Articles of Interest are now available for review in the Members Only area of the website. Click here to review this month's as well as past months' articles of interest.
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Do you have an event to add to the AARV calendar? All calendar posts are now free for AARV members.

Please send your calendar event to info@rehabvets.org and be sure to include the name of the event, speaker, topic, date, time, location and URL. Rehabilitation related events/classes only, please.


Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (DVM), Miami, Florida 
Southeast Veterinary Neurology (SEVN) is seeking a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (DVM) to join our growing specialty hospital. Founded in 2010, SEVN is south Florida's only hospital that exclusively treats medical and surgical diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Our Board Certified Veterinary Neurologists use high-field MRI, CT scans, electrodiagnostics, CSF analysis and operating microscopes to diagnose and treat our patient's neurological conditions.
Services we provide include physical rehabilitation, massage, treadmill, Grade IV laser therapy, individual therapeutic exercises and exercise equipment.
Contact: Patrick McKinnon (305) 274-2777, or write to Patrick@sevneurology.com. Learn more: www.SEVNeurology.com.


Animal Physical Rehabilitation Technician, Pacifica, California
Seeking an animal physical rehabilitation technician - Ideal candidates will either have a minimum of two years veterinary technician work experience including patient care, client communication and technical skills, and License/credentials for the state of CA; or have experience as a PT, PTA with certification or training/coursework (CCRA/CCRP) completed in canine rehabilitation therapy. Experience in rehabilitation therapy is also desirable OR interest in pursuing certification in animal rehabilitation. For more information about our position see the following link: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/3f1d0531.


Full/Part Time Licensed Veterinary Technician for Rehab Department, Seattle, Washington
Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle is seeking a self-motivated, dynamic Licensed Veterinary Technician for our Rehabilitation Service. We prefer a candidate with CCRP or CCRA certification, but we will also consider technicians currently involved in CCRP/CCRA coursework, and technicians with strong rehabilitation interest and extensive experience in caring for orthopedic patients. All candidates must hold a current LVT license in Washington, or be licensed in another state and eligible in Washington. The technician will work under the guidance of our rehabilitation veterinarian to design and implement rehab plans utilizing modalities such as underwater treadmill, land treadmill, e-stim, therapeutic laser, therapeutic ultrasound, and cryotherapy. We also perform regenerative medicine including stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and shockwave therapy. For complete details, please read the job posting on our website.


Practice for Sale, Aiken, South Carolina
Well established Rehab practice with real estate for sale in Aiken, SC. Currently 3.5 days a week with growth potential. Fully equipped with gym, outdoor exercise area, 2 UWTMs, laser, e-stim, 3 treatment rooms and boarding areas. Offer acupuncture and chiropractic also. Staff includes a CCRP vet tech and assistants. Enjoy a relaxed practice, make your own schedule, have a good income, live in a great dog loving town, and work with wonderful clients. Practice $175,000, Real Estate; 2010 building on 1 acre, $275,000. Contact Roger Lee, Praxis Veterinary Transitions; rlee@praxisinc.com, or Dr. Sybil Davis, sdavis@petfitnessandrehab.com.

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