In this issue ... STAAR recap, call for abstracts, share your expertise, spotlight on The SPAW, new Instagram contest, practice acts, upcoming courses, and more!
Dr. Cara Blake
President's Message

STAAR Was a Great Success!

April was a busy month. We started the month with a booth at AAHA and finished with a lecture track and the Purina-sponsored evening social event at STAAR. The workshops and lectures at STAAR were fantastic and did not disappoint! I would like take this opportunity to thank the speakers in the AARV lecture track: Felix Duerr, Dr. Med. Vet., MS, DACVS, DACVSMR, CCRT; Leilani Alvarez, DVM, DACVSMR, CVA, CCRT, CVCHM; and Rick Wall, DVM, DACVSMR, CCRP, CMTPT. The lectures were all interesting and informative, and I greatly appreciate your support of AARV. I would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to Avi Shaprut and Purina for the sponsorship of the social on Saturday night. I must also acknowledge Dr. Megan Ridley and Dr. Tammy Johnson for organizing the event. Your efforts are very much appreciated!! We all had a fabulous time relaxing and mingling with colleagues after a day of lectures!
Continuing education events such as these are a great opportunity to network and find out what others are doing in their practices. From managing pain to diagnostic techniques to treatment of various conditions, there is always something to learn from each other. What works and what doesn't! Every patient is different and as such, following a standardized treatment protocol is not always possible. However, clinical trials incorporating standardized rehabilitation programs will add to the body of evidence-based medicine. Please read the article below about a rehabilitation survey from Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw, Dr. Antonio Pozzi, and Dr. Leslie Eide. A goal of this survey is to develop guidelines for post-op rehab following CCL surgery that could potentially be used in multi-center trials. As we have all encountered skeptical colleagues when it comes to the benefits of rehab for post-op CCL patients, this is a step toward bridging the gap.
And inquiring minds want to know ... it's that time of year again and the call for abstracts is soon to be upon us. We encourage all AARV members to submit an abstract for consideration for one of the $2,500 grants.
Happy May!

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We Had a Great Time at the STAAR Conference!

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet logo
The STAAR Conference was a blast! AARV had a full-day lecture track on April 29th as well as a shindig hosted by Purina . Stay tuned for AARV lecture proceedings, which will be added to our Conference Proceedings page soon (member log in needed). Thanks so much to all of our sponsors ( Hudson , PulseVet , DogLeggs , OrthoPets , Respond and Cutting Edge ), AARV lecturers, the STAAR gang, and a special thanks to Purina for their collaboration and support.
Call for Abstracts

VMX logo
Every year at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (formerly the NAVC Conference), AARV features the presentation of original scientific studies pertinent to the science and practice of rehabilitation therapy. Material is currently being considered for verbal presentation (15 minutes) at AARV's track at VMX. Reviews will be performed by a minimum of 2 reviewers and final approval by AARV's Board of Directors. All accepted abstracts will be published in AARV's newsletter.

Abstract submission guidelines are detailed on the AARV website. Please submit your abstracts for review and/or questions to Carolina Medina via email at
Important Abstract Submission Deadlines

July 1, 2017 Final call for abstracts
September 15, 2017 Abstract submission deadline
October 15, 2017 Decisions notified to authors and corrections requested
November 15, 2017 Corrected abstract submission deadline
December 15, 2017 Final decision notified to authors
February 2019 Oral delivery with PowerPoint presentation of study at VMX (formerly NAVC)

To learn more, read the Abstract Submission Guidelines on the AARV website.
Feedback Needed - Share Your Rehab Expertise!survey

Dear Veterinary Rehabilitation Community,

Rehabilitation is increasingly recommended following surgical treatment of CCL disease. However, recommendations may vary widely and there is not an accepted minimum standard of care for dogs post CCL surgery. There are frequent discussions within the rehabilitation community regarding the challenges of "convincing" surgeons of the importance of post operative rehabilitation. Within the veterinary surgeon community there are also discussions regarding the importance of, and evidence for, post-operative rehabilitation.

Share what you know graphic
We are working on a project to develop a set of guidelines (NOT protocol) for post op rehab following CCL surgery in dogs. One goal of these guidelines is to help standardize care when multicenter studies are designed to evaluate the outcome of stifle surgery; we are modeling this after the MOON Group and ACL Guidelines from the human field. The first phase of this project includes 3 parts - a review of current evidence for rehab post CCL surgery, a survey of surgeons regarding attitudes and referral practices for rehab post CCL surgery, and a survey of rehab veterinarians / PTs / technicians to get an idea of what is currently recommended and performed in practice. With the results of these surveys and the best available evidence, we plan to assemble a "group of experts" to develop the first set of guidelines, with the idea that the guidelines will be updated regularly based on new evidence.

We would greatly appreciate your participation in the rehabilitation survey; please follow this link to complete the survey:

Thank you,

Kristin Kirkby Shaw, DVM, MS, PhD, CCRT, Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVSMR
Antonio Pozzi, Prof. Dr. med. vet., Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVSMR
Leslie Eide, DVM, CCRT, ACVSMR Resident (PE Pathway)

More Conference Proceedings Available Online

We have added four presentations given by Mary Ellen Goldberg at the American Animal Hospital Association conference to the Members Area on the AARV website. To view all the proceedings, log in to the Members Area and go to the Conference Proceedings page.
The SPAW logo and photo
The SPAW Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness

The SPAW Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness was the first veterinary rehabilitation facility in Canada and an exciting addition to Aldergrove Animal Hospital in Aldergrove, British Columbia in 2004. The SPAW is dedicated exclusively to physical rehabilitation therapy, fitness and conditioning, weight management, osteoarthritis care, and sports medicine. We aim to improve quality of life, optimize mobility, and return to function and sport. Our facility boasts a separate entrance from our clinic, an indoor fitness and hydrotherapy area including an underwater treadmill located in our therapy pool, a land treadmill, a stance analyzer, therapeutic ultrasound, and a sheltered porch for therapeutic exercise. The SPAW therapy pool is a 6 x 12 foot, 4-foot-deep stainless steel therapy pool with resistance jets that provides our patients with varying degrees of resistance to swim against.

Continue reading about The SPAW Pet Rehabilitation and Fitness ...
Instagram and CRI logos
A New Instagram Photo Contest!

We're holding a new Instagram photo contest! Post an image with a CCRT or CCRA from your practice OR someone currently enrolled in a CRI certification program on your Instagram page, and you could win a $100 voucher toward any course at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.

Here are the complete rules:
  • The contest starts 5/15/17 at 6 a.m. CST and ends 5/25/17 at 6 a.m. CST.
  • Post an image with a CCRT or CCRA from your practice OR someone currently enrolled in a CRI certification program.
  • Your image must be posted after the start and before the finish of the contest.
  • The photo must be from a practice/clinic where at least one AARV member works
  • Only one submission per practice, please, and no reposts.
  • Please make sure your post is not private or we may not be able to see it and cannot include it in the contest.
  • You must tag @rehabvets AND #caninerehabinstitute.
  • The image with the most "likes" wins a $100 voucher toward any course through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.
Note: AARV will comment on your image to confirm your submission in the contest. If you don't see a comment from @rehabvets, then please reach out to us at with your Instagram tag and the date of your submission so that we can find it.
Penn Vet Working Dog Center Offers One-Day Rehab Course

Join us for the fourth in the rehabilitation series offered by Penn Vet Working Dog Center Performance Medicine. *Limited space available.

Common Orthopedic Conditions in Working & Sporting Dogs

Performance and working dogs are at risk for acute and chronic muscle strains due to the type of work they do. Insufficient muscle conditioning and predisposing factors including inflexibility of the affected muscles, inadequate warm-up, and muscle fatigue can increase the risk of a muscular stretch injury.

To assist the K9 team in maintaining health and workability, it is important that veterinarians are familiar with these injuries and become proficient with orthopedic examinations of these canines. In general, these dogs present at a much healthier level and higher fitness plane than most pet dogs, and their handlers are looking for a diagnosis that can be very subtle but yet has decreased their dog's performance.

This workshop is a combination of lecture and wet lab that will: 
  • Provide enhanced orthopedic physical exam techniques
  • Discuss diagnostic and imaging tools
  • Review current surgical and rehabilitation protocols

7 hrs. of RACE credit pending  

Instructor: Mich Powers, DVM, DACVS, CCRT, DACVSMR
Date: Monday, June 19, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

To register (by May 19, 2017):

CRI logo
clinicalresearchInterested in Conducting Clinical Research?

Are you interested in conducting clinical research but don't know where to start?
The Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) has created a new online course to demystify clinical research for practicing rehabilitation therapists, interns and residents.  Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Research  is taught by CRI faculty member  Chris Zink, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DACVSMR who has spent more than 30 years doing research. 
The entire process from concept to publication is covered during the 10-week course. You will view online lectures, read assignments, and participate in an online live discussion with Dr. Zink each week. You will develop a research hypothesis that matches your interests and clinical caseloads, and then design, carry out and analyze the data for a pilot study. This course is RACE approved by the AAVSB for 15 credit hours.

There are students from the first course that are now collaborating on studies and have been awarded research grants.
AARV members receive a 10% tuition discount. If you have questions or are interested in registering for the next session, email CRI at
APRVT Members Share Knowledge at STAAR

by Lis Conarton, BS, LVT, CCRP, CVPP

Members of the APRVT Organizing Committee attended the Symposium for Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation (STAAR) this year, including Executive Director Kari Koudelka, Industry Chair Sandra Pettit-Dowd, and Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer Lis Conarton. During our time at STAAR, we were able to engage in conversations with many of our sponsors, colleagues, candidates for the VTS (Physical Rehabilitation) and rehab veterinarians. We are thankful for everyone's support both during our application process and after our acceptance and cannot wait to fulfill our mission to provide assistance in veterinary physical rehabilitation, encouraging veterinary professionals and colleagues to further their education, while improving the quality of animals' lives.

Lis Conarton on left leading a workshop at STAAR
Lis Conarton (left) leading a workshop at STAAR.
Lis instructed a workshop titled "Looking Beyond Primary Disorder: Using Therapeutic Exercise to Identify and Treat Compensatory Dysfunction." The objective of this workshop was to equip the participants with techniques in order to utilize therapeutic exercise to identify dysfunction, determine extent of imbalances, and modify the current exercise regime/protocol to achieve basic goals in rehabilitation including tissue healing, reconditioning, and strengthening. What is wonderful about STAAR is taking away as much insight and information in relation to what you are teaching!

It was inspiring to attend the AARV lecture track and several workshops provided by members of the AARV and Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Without their tutelage during the process of applying for recognition for the VTS in Physical Rehabilitation, it would have been a difficult journey. Your support and acknowledgment during this process has been essential to our success. Thanks again to all of you who have and continue to support us as we continue to grow. We are humbled and appreciate all of you!
Please note our next application cycle's letter of intent is due January 1st, 2018. We have received letters of intent from applicants for our 2018 examination cycle and are here to answer any questions regarding next year's application cycle.
Our application packet, detailed timeline and FAQs are located on the APRVT website. If you have any questions that were not answered on our website, please email us at

APRVT logo 
Learn More About APRVT

The technicians on the Organizing Committee of the APRVT would love to speak at your clinic or local conference! Contact us at to find someone in your area!

Please visit the APRVT website and social media sites to learn more about us and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Do you have an article in mind for the Technician Corner?  Contact Dawn Hickey, LVMT, CCRP, AARV Technician Liaison, to submit an article (suggested length of 200-300 words) or suggest a topic. 
Dog at capitol building
Veterinary Practice Acts -
Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon

by Kristyn Richardson, DVM, CCRT, CVSMT
Legislative Liaison

Hello AARV members,

This month, we are looking at the O's:
View veterinary practice act
View veterinary practice act - general provisions

Ohio has some very clear definitions of veterinary medicine, but has included other professionals in its definitions:

(B) The "practice of veterinary medicine" means the practice of any person who performs any of the following actions:
  1. Diagnoses, prevents, or treats any disease, illness, pain, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical, mental, or dental condition of any animal;
  2. Administers to or performs any medical or surgical technique on any animal that has any disease, illness, pain, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical, mental, or dental condition or performs a surgical procedure on any animal;
  3. Prescribes, applies, or dispenses any drug, medicine, biologic, anesthetic, or other therapeutic or diagnostic substance, or applies any apparatus for any disease, illness, pain, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical, mental, or dental condition of any animal;
  4. Uses complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies on animals;
  5. Renders professional advice or recommendation by any means, including telephonic or other electronic communication with regard to any activity described in divisions (B)(1) to (4) of this section;
  6. Represents the person's self, directly or indirectly, publicly or privately, as having the ability and willingness to perform an act described in divisions (B)(1) to (4) of this section;
  7. Uses any words, letters, abbreviations, or titles in such connection and under such circumstances as to induce the belief that the person using them is engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine.
(L) "Allied medical support" means a licensed dentist, physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist who is in good standing as determined under Chapter 4715., 4731., 4734., or 4755. of the Revised Code, as applicable.
Though the definition of the practice of veterinary medicine does include alternative or complementary therapies, the definition of allied medical support alone allows for collaboration between licensed professionals in the state of Ohio. Education of these professionals with regard to animals, however, was not found, and I was not able to see any provision in the physical therapy practice act that defined these parameters.
Oklahoma made no mention of the definition of veterinary medicine in its practice act. There is also no mention of animal rehabilitation. It is very detailed about many other facets of veterinary medicine, however.
Oregon defines the "practice of veterinary medicine" as:
686.030 Acts constituting practice of veterinary medicine. A person practices veterinary medicine, surgery or dentistry when the person does any of the following in this state:
  1. Diagnoses, treats or prognosticates an animal medical problem.
  2. Prescribes or administers a drug, medicine or treatment for the prevention, cure, amelioration, correction or modification of an animal problem or for euthanasia.
  3. Induces anesthesia in an animal.
  4. Performs a surgical or dental operation or procedure upon an animal.
  5. Performs an embryo transfer or pregnancy, sterility or fertility evaluation.
  6. Gives an instruction or demonstration regarding the acts described in this section, except as an agent or employee of this state or of the federal government.
  7. Advertises or represents in any manner, publicly or privately, that the person is willing to do any of the acts described in this section. [Amended by 1987 c.651 ยง2a]
There is no mention of animal rehabilitation within the remainder of the practice act or any mention of collaboration with other professionals.

See the State Practice Acts page on our website for links to veterinary and physical therapy practice acts.
Have a great May!
Articles of Interest

The May Articles of Interest are now available for review in the Members Only area of the website. Click here to review this month's as well as past months' articles of interest.
AARV Pet Insurance summary
Pet Insurance Summary Updated

AARV has released a newly updated version of its summary of pet insurance coverage for rehabilitation services, current as of March 2017.
Grant Opportunities Through the AARV

Check out our past AARV grant winners and keep an eye out for information regarding upcoming research grants here (member log-in required).
Calendar image
Add Your Rehabilitation Event to the AARV Calendar

Do you have an event to add to the AARV calendar? All calendar posts are now free for AARV members.

Please send your calendar event to and be sure to include the name of the event, speaker, topic, date, time, location and URL. Rehabilitation related events/classes only, please.


Full/Part Time Licensed Veterinary Technician for Rehab Department, Seattle, Washington
Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle is seeking a self-motivated, dynamic Licensed Veterinary Technician for our Rehabilitation Service. We prefer a candidate with CCRP or CCRA certification, but we will also consider technicians currently involved in CCRP/CCRA coursework, and technicians with strong rehabilitation interest and extensive experience in caring for orthopedic patients. All candidates must hold a current LVT license in Washington, or be licensed in another state and eligible in Washington. The technician will work under the guidance of our rehabilitation veterinarian to design and implement rehab plans utilizing modalities such as underwater treadmill, land treadmill, e-stim, therapeutic laser, therapeutic ultrasound, and cryotherapy. We also perform regenerative medicine including stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and shockwave therapy. For complete details, please read the job posting on our website.


Practice for Sale, Aiken, South Carolina
Well established Rehab practice with real estate for sale in Aiken, SC. Currently 3.5 days a week with growth potential. Fully equipped with gym, outdoor exercise area, 2 UWTMs, laser, e-stim, 3 treatment rooms and boarding areas. Offer acupuncture and chiropractic also. Staff includes a CCRP vet tech and assistants. Enjoy a relaxed practice, make your own schedule, have a good income, live in a great dog loving town, and work with wonderful clients. Practice $175,000, Real Estate; 2010 building on 1 acre, $275,000. Contact Roger Lee, Praxis Veterinary Transitions;, or Dr. Sybil Davis,


Full-Time DVM, CCRT or CCRP, Oakland, California
Holistic Veterinary Care has an exciting opportunity to join our award-winning team located in the beautiful Oakland hills. Our relationship with local practices facilitates open dialogue and a constant flow of referrals into the practice. Be the leader of the rehabilitation department and consult with on-site colleagues to develop a unique whole body treatment plan. We also have the ability to integrate eastern and western medicine together by collaborating with the DVMs at our sister hospital, Montclair Veterinary Hospital. We offer a competitive salary, flexible schedule, full benefits, CE and more. Please submit your resume and cover letter today to!


DVM, CCRP or CCRP Opportunity, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Animotion Animal Rehabilitation Center, Stoughton, MA. about a 30 minute drive south of Boston is seeking a DVM, CCRP or CCRP to add to our team of outstanding professionals. Animotion not only offers state of the art therapies including underwater treadmill, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine options but we have just entered the field of Regenerative Medicine positioning us as a leader in our geographic area in this exciting new aspect of rehab treatments.
By utilizing Stem Cell and PRP injections we are now positioned to offer our clients a treatment option that is less invasive than surgery.
Relocation expenses will be part of a conversation for those candidates interested in relocation.
If you wish to be part of our exciting future and join a team committed to providing cutting edge therapy in a newly remodeled state of the art facility please contact Bruce at:


Credentialed Veterinary Technician - Rehabilitation, Gaithersburg, Maryland
VCA Veterinary Referral Associates is seeking a full-time RVT with CCRP or CCRA certification to join the rehab team in our 24-hour emergency and specialty referral practice. Our rehab team works closely with in-house specialists as well as general practice referrals. Our caseload includes post-operative patients, neurological as well as orthopedic; conservative management of various conditions; geriatric patients; and obesity management. For the right licensed technician, we will pay for your CCRA certification after 1 year of successful employment at our hospital. Please apply online at or submit cover letter and resume to Robin Price at


CCRP/CCRT Veterinarian, Charlotte, North Carolina
Steele Creek Animal Hospital's Companion Animal Rehabilitation Center is looking for a talented and devoted CCRP/CCRT veterinarian to join our team. Our perfect team member would be passionate about rehabilitation while also enjoying traditional general practice. Acupuncture certification is a plus. Candidate should possess the knowledge and desire to practice best medicine.
Our hospital has offered an active in house and referral rehabilitation and acupuncture service since 2004. We are well equipped offering water therapy, therapeutic ultrasound/NMES, shockwave therapy, PRP and laser.
Our enthusiastic and devoted staff includes 3 associate Doctors and 3 Technician/vet assistants with 11 to 19 years tenure in our practice.
Great area to live with many recreational opportunities nearby and city professional sports and night life within easy reach.


Residency in Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 
Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic invites applicants for a sports medicine residency, as we did not find a suitably qualified individual through the VIRMP. The program is directed towards individuals who have completed a 1-year rotating internship or 5+ years in general practice. The residency provides in-depth training in a busy practice where 50% caseload is sporting or working dogs; average daily caseload is 30-45. Training in diagnostic ultrasound, interventional procedures, and advanced use of orthoses and prosthesis is included as part of the residency. Support will be provided for clinical research. The 5000-sq feet facility has a canine sports arena as well as comprehensive rehabilitation equipment including modalities (shockwave, LASER, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, PEMF) and therapeutic exercise equipment (hydrotherapy and land based). The clinic has diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. Regenerative therapies are also used. Adjunct therapies used at the facility include chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy. For more details including compensation and benefits, please email

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