AAUW-NJ President's Message
May 2015

"News & Events" items, previously communicated via the Garden Statement, should be sent to our VP of Communications, Batsheva (Shevi) Salberg and to me (at least) one month prior to the event, in order to be considered for inclusion in AAUW-NJ communications (via Constant Contact emails, Facebook and/or AAUW-NJ website). 



What a success!!!!!!! 


See Pictures! 


What a joy to spend a day with women having enthusiastic attitudes!     



"AAUW statewide members with hats and smiles boarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Bus bound for Hyde Park on May 5.  Our AAUW group visit included Val-Kil (Eleanor's home), FDR Library Museum and Springwood (Sarah Roosevelt home}. The tours were informative and gave us insight into the Roosevelt family history. It was very inspiring to think and hear about Eleanor's world. She was particularly pleased with her contributions at the UN. Perhaps another trip could include a visit there. 


Our ER project was inspired by Joan Monk, AAUW NY Special Projects director. She lead discussions about the book, LEADERSHIP THE ELEANOR ROOSEVELT WAY, by Robin Gerber. Joan is collaborating with AAUW-NJ. The monthly phone discussions of each chapter of the book weaved Eleanor's leadership ideas into useful experience sharing. For those who missed it, there is another opportunity to join the ER Leadership Read in July.  In San Diego, at the National AAUW Convention, Joan Monk will share the WILD (Women in Leadership Development) program including the Eleanor Leadership Read and bus trip nationally.


Future ER plans include:


Project Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Yesterday is Eleanor, today is Malaha, and tomorrow is our college students and future leaders. Through efforts with College/University Connections, $tart $tart, Elect Her, Title IX our future leaders will be AAUW leaders."


Barbara Williamson

AAUW-NJ Project Eleanor Roosevelt




Thanks to Joan Monk for creating this WILD project and creating the collaboration between AAUW NJ and AAUW NY.  The future plans, as you read above, are in the planning stage.  Many thanks to Barbara Williamson for coordinating this trip.   


This year we took a statewide AAUW NJ trip to AAUW National in Washington DC (Barbara Williamson and Patricia Baroska coordinators) and this ER trip to Hyde Park.  Most of the attendees were not on both trips. Therefore, 60 members had participated in these events. OUTSTANDING!!!    


Keep reading the Constant Contacts for future AAUW-NJ statewide trips. The word is getting out about these exciting trips.  Sign up early when they are published.     

Carol Cohen, President
AAUW of New Jersey

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