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Wellesley A Better Chance | February 14, 2017

CycleBar Wellesley Event To Support ABC

Thursday, March 23rd at 7 pm  

Come join us for a fun evening at CycleBar Wellesley to help raise funds for Wellesley ABC!

Best yet, Brian Reddy AND Brennan Mullin, ABC's Boston Marathon charity runners for 2017, will be cycling side-by-side with us.

CycleBar instructor, Andy Schiller will lead this 45 minute high energy cycling class. Andy loves to provide awesome music and hi-def music videos, giving those who join the ride a unique and fun experience. The class is designed for participants of all levels. This special fundraiser will be held on Thursday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm. There is $25 donation per bike. For information and to register, CLICK HERE.

Two WHS Educators To Run Boston Marathon 2017 For ABC

Brennan Mullin

This is Brennan's second year as a Special Education Teaching Assistant at WHS, where she also coaches cross
 country/indoor track/outdoor track. Brennan writes, "Over the last several years I have grown passionate about education and the incredible opportunities that a great education can provide young adults. Wellesley ABC is an incredible program that provides young women with a phenomenal education and countless opportunities beyond the classroom. I was the thrilled at the chance to support a program that creates opportunities through education and enriches the WHS community."

Brennan was raised in Wellesley, graduating from WHS in 2011 and from Boston College in 2015. This will be her third marathon. To support Brennan's journey to the Boston Marathon, CLICK HERE.

Brian Reddy

As a Drawing, Painting and Digital Art Teacher at WHS, Brian has witnessed the the important contributions that ABC scholars make in the WHS community. For this reason, Brian feels a connection with ABC and wants to support our program. He writes, "Specifically in my classroom, I've been lucky enough to work closely with Mariana, a graduating senior this year, whose journey as an artist has been mutually inspiring."

As a faculty member, Brian is thankful to have this opportunity to fundraise for such a great cause while fulfilling a personal challenge: It's Brian's very first marathon!
To help Brian with his very first marathon with a donation , CLICK HERE .

Thank You To Our Community Partners

Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club Continues Generous Support to ABC Scholars

From academic support and tutoring to driving Wellesley A Better Chance (ABC) scholars all abo ut town, the Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club (WHJWC) continues its steadfast support of Wellesley ABC and its mission to provide academically talented and promising students of color from underserved
communities in the Northeast "a better chance" through enrollment at Wellesley High School (WHS).

A generous grant from WHJWC enables Wellesley ABC to arrange for tutors who prepare the six ABC scholars for WHS final exams and Advanced Placement exams. "The study skills helped me to focus more on strategies to achieve academic success throughout my high school career," said WHS junior Jada Gibson.  

WHJWC volunteers also provide countless hours of driving for the six ABC students who live together under the watchful eye of House Director Mbaira Maorongarti in downtown Wellesley.  Each ABC student engages fully with the academic, extracurricular and social opportunities that being a Wellesley High School student presents - but since the students come from other New England towns, they cannot rely on their parents or guardians for in-town transportation.   

That's where the WHJWC volunteer drivers come in.  Each week, a veritable
army of volunteers coordinates their driving time so that carpools and connections are made that enable the ABC scholars to weave seamlessly into the fabric of Wellesley High School life.

"Our volunteer driving force increases the students' freedom to participate in after school activities and sports just as the other kids attending WHS," said Wellesley ABC Driving Coordinator Catherine Ward.  "It is very important that these girls feel a part of the WHS / Wellesley community to foster their academic and individual growth."

Wellesley ABC is delighted to acknowledge the continued support of WHJWC.  "Inside and outside the classroom, WHJWC volunteers support our ABC scholars every single day," said Wellesley ABC Co-president Sunny Allen.  "We appreciate their commitment." 

If you'd like to volunteer and/or drive for Wellesley ABC, contact 

Wellesley Village Church Service Ministry Funds Sustain Nightly Tutoring 

Wellesley ABC is pleased to announce a generous grant from the Wellesley Village Church Service Ministry to support nightly tutoring for the six ABC
 Scholars.  The  substantial grant was awarded in November, 2016.  Wellesley ABC uses these funds to arrange for Wellesley College students to work with all six ABC scholars for two-and-a-half hours every evening during mandatory study time, five days per week and over the weekends as needed.  This one-on-one support is critical to the success of each of the scholars 
who are expected to achieve and maintain honor roll or honorable mention status throughout their Wellesley High School career.   

"The tutoring is great," said Mariana Perez, WHS class of 2017.  "I am reminded of studying for homework and tests throughout the school year. I stay organized, and I am able to prioritize certain subjects for finals."

"This grant enables us to connect two powerful forces in the Wellesley community - Wellesley ABC scholars with Wellesley College students who serve as tutors and mentors," said Wellesley ABC Board Member Jamie Somes, who serves as Vice President of Academic Affairs.  "We appreciate the crucial role that the Wellesley Village Church Service Ministry plays in making this important academic connection."

The Wellesley Village Church has been a key partner since ABC's inception over 40 years ago and we remain grateful for not only their financial support but also for their corps of volunteers.


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