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ABC/NE Pastors Update


Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of let us not grow weary of doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:2,9

Western Nebraska Congregational This Saturday!
There is still time to register for this training event.  This Saturday April 27 in North Platte from 10am-2pm ABC/NE will be offering a training event centered on Congregational Life. 

The training is designed for church members and leaders who wish to get some basic training in the life and role of Deacons/Elders, church structure and polity, children's ministry, and church communication.  Leaders of this training event are Rev. Dr. Michael Friday, Rev. Robin Stoops, Rev. Greg Mamula, and Amy Kruciak.  The event is free and all church leaders and church staff are welcome to attend.  There will be a lunch break. 

Annual Reports Due April 30
ABC/NE is in the process of updating the regional directory for our churches.  We are using the short form this year.  Please be sure to fill yours out.  These forms were mailed to every church earlier this year.  If you need a new form please contact Sue Gammel at 402-556-4730 or
2013 ABC NE Region Wide Mission Trip


ABC NE is looking for up to 100 people from our region to participate in a Region Wide Mission Trip to Ottawa Kansas June 16-20, 2013! We would like to invite you and your church to join other ABC NE members to gather our missional energies to help
North Baptist Church in Ottawa Kansas.  Together ABC NE and North Baptist will build relationships with the residents of the north Ottawa area by offering a VBS, home maintenance, neighborhood maintenance, church maintenance, and any other special skill you may have.




Who can attend?  EVERYONE!  babies, teens, singles, married, retired, and everyone in between are welcome to go.


What are we doing?  Helping North Baptist be the hands and feet of Jesus in their neighborhood.  We will join together to accomplish ministry they are already doing.  We will also participate in a Wednesday night joint worship service.  On Thursday night we as ABC NE will provide a block party for the residents of North Ottawa.


Sunday June 16: Church commissioning and travel day to Ottawa

Monday June 17: Meet North Baptist members, day 1 VBS and neighborhood work sites.
Tuesday June 18Day 2 VBS and work sites.  University will host a dinner on campus.
Wednesday June 19: Day 3 VBS and work sites.  Joint ABC/NE and North Baptist evening Worship service.
Thursday June 20: Day 4 VBS and work sites. ABC/NE and North Baptist Neighborhood Block Party.

Friday June 21: Travel to MISSION SUMMIT in Overland Park Kansas.


Where are we staying?  Ottawa University dorm suites.  Breakfast and lunch provided by University.


How much does it cost?  
$200 a person and $100 for children under 5.  This includes lodging at University and a breakfast and lunch meal plan.


Why Should I go?
To stretch your missional imagination, fellowship with ABC NE, attend the Mission Summit in Kansas City, go on your first mission trip or your first mission trip in a while, because you love Jesus. 


How Do I Sign Up?  Contact Region Office for more details.


If you go on an annual mission trip, this is the trip for you.  While you are there why don't you register for the Mission Summit and stay the weekend of June 21-23 in Kansas City.


If you are planning on attending the Mission Summit why don't you join us for the wonderful mission work being done in the days prior to Mission Summit. 

Mission Summit

Biennial-Mission Summit

   Nebraska Baptists are receiving a special invitation to attend the national 2013 ABC Biennial Convention in Overland Park, KS, June 21-23.  The invitation comes from Susan Gillies,  past Executive Minister of ABC/NE and Co-Chair of the Biennial Planning Committee.  "This year's Biennial, in a new Mission Summit format, is a very special opportunity for Nebraska Baptists.  I hope to see folks from every ABC/NE church.," said Gillies.

   NEW REGISTRATION PLAN - Local churches may register for a fee based on size of congregation.  The church can then send as many persons from that church as can come and each person will only pay a $35 registration fee.  

   RIGHT NOW ! Have your church sign-up.  Once that is done, individuals can register.  For more information, go to and click on the "registration" tab.  Or go to and click on the Mission Summit logo and then on the "registration" tab.

Summer camp for 2013 just got a little better.  Not only will MMCCC provide its usual perfect summer setting, wonderful campfires, meaningful worship moments, and new calls to Christ, this year it will be less expensive.  Early bird pricing for summer camp has been reduced to $195 instead of the usual $250!  Be looking in the mail and your church for the brochures and registration forms to be coming soon.

First Baptist Church of Holdrege is looking for a mission partner. They would like to do a clothing exchange with another church in the region. The clothing would be gathered from each church and then exchanged for use by the other church. The clothing could be distributed in many different ways, to the congregation and/or the community. If you are interested in this kind of mission contact Pastor Darren Stroh, (308) 995-2228

Ministers Council Membership Drive
Mission: We are men and women who advocate for and covenant with each other to deepen our spiritual journey and to increase our effectiveness..."  Pastor does this sound like something you can support? This is the mission of the Nebraska Ministers Council. 

2013 Membership dues can now be sent to 
Dale Pracht, ABC/NE MC Treasurer
2601 Mimich Dr. 
Norfolk, NE 68701.

ABC/NE State Dues are only $20
Ministers Council National dues are $50
Total cost is $70

If you have any questions contact: 
Dale at 
MC President Steve Wisthoff at 
Vice President Paul Marine at

Watch a video at the Ministers Council Website
Last week I discovered I lived two miles from a lake!  It is called the Glenn Cunningham Reservoir and it is actually a pretty good sized lake for our area.  We found it by accident.  On our way home from Walmart I looked to my wife and asked, "I wonder what is down that road?"  So we turned left instead of going straight like normal.  We discovered three baseball fields, a garden store, an RV construction plant, and signs for a neighborhood named after a Lake Cunningham.  Our imaginations immediately asked, "Where is Lake Cunningham?  I didn't know there was a lake around here." 

So we broke out the google maps on our phones...well she did it on her phone because I was driving. Anyway we found the lake.  IT was nice.  It has lots of RV space, you can rent boats, there is even a trail to walk around it.  My first response upon seeing it was, "I can't believe this was here all this time.  There are no signs.  And we had a major drought last year and it was really hot, how nice would it have been to go to the lake?"

I think our churches at times are a lot like this lake.  It is wonderful, refreshing, and fun place to be.  But there are no signs in the community that the church is there.  They are amazing places of worship but have a hard time sharing that beauty with others.  Or perhaps like this lake it is for a select group of people who already know where it is...

I am not suggesting we go on a huge promotional campaign and put signs on every corner.  But wouldn't it be nice if others knew we were there.  What would that look like in our individual settings?  How can we share the beauty and splendor of our churches with our towns? 

Associate Executive Minister ABC/NE
I am in Chicago today and tomorrow on a fishing trip of sorts. We as a region have six churches open, searching for pastors. I am at Northern Seminary interviewing students who may be feeling God's call to follow him to Nebraska. It is an interesting exercise.Of course I can't hire any of these students. I can't promise them a position, only share what a great region I serve.

It's been fun to "brag" a bit about our churches and the opportunities we have together to be mission in Nebraska. I am amazed at how blessed we are to have a family of churches so committed to serving Christ. This is really a quest to find people who God has gifted to serve and lead us as we continue the journey of being Christ's hands and feet.

I am reminded however, fishing is an experience in patience. I must wait for God to set the hook and reel them into our boat.
It is a fun adventure, I don't know what God will do, but I know I cast in faith and hope trusting in him for the catch.

"I will make you fishers of......." future pastors?



Robin Stoops
Executive Minister/Region Missionary