June 2017
June is National Aphasia Awareness Month
In the U.S. nearly 2 million people live with aphasia,
and still many have likely never heard of it. Aphasia  is
a progressive and degenerative communication disorder that  can affect speech and language, both verbal and written.

Aphasia typically results after a brain injury, such as
a stroke, head trauma, or tumor, causing brain cell damage to the areas of the brain responsible for speech and/or communication, as well as body control on either the left- or right-hand side of the body.

If you think you, a friend or family member may have aphasia call VMC at 559-738-7500 so we can help guide you to the right medical physician. 
Need a summer touch-up?
Summer is here and no more heavy coats, scarfs, and jeans! It's time to run and play in the sun, with proper sun care protection, of course.

Some of you might want just a little something extra to add to your summer glow. Maybe it's a bit of BOTOX here, some Juvederm there. Whether it's to plump your lips, reduce the wrinkles or complete your summer-ready glow, Alex Lechtman, MD, FACS has just the solution. Give  The Aesthetic Center a call at (559) 738-7572 to schedule your summer visit!
When the doctor is out......
Sometimes Visalia Medical Clinic QuickCare is just what you need. When your regular doctor is out, or if you have a non-life threatening condition that should be seen within 24 hours, VMC's QuickCare is there for you!

Open 7 days a week, with imaging and lab available during regular business hours. No appointment necessary.  Call us at (559) 738-7555 or visit  www.vmchealth.com/quickcare.

VMC welcomes Reza Rafie, MD
Reza Rafie, MD
 Reza Rafie, MD, has joined Visalia Medical Clinic and is now seeing patients at the Tulare Cardiology Center.

Dr. Rafie completed medical school and his residency at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, followed by research at the Institute of Genetic Medicine at USC and his residency at the Department of Internal Medicine at USC.  A fellowship in cardiology at Kaiser Permanente followed, along with several years of research at the Heart Institute of Cedar Sinai Medical Center and at USC's cardiovascular department.
The Tulare Cardiology Center, an affiliate of the Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation, is located at 938 N. Cherry, Tulare. To make an appointment, or for further information, call 686-3481.
What's the Bottom Line in Diabetes?
You guessed it - it is Blood Sugar Control. 

Getting good control of daily blood sugars isn't as easy as it may seem.  Blood sugars are affected by medications, dietary input, physical activity, illness, traveling, stress, and day-to-day living.

We are never 100% in control of all these activities at the same time.  However, they are part of life that changes minute by minute.  People with diabetes are jugglers, needing to try to keep all these aspects of their lives in balance by constantly paying some attention to each of these areas at all times.  R ead full article written by Susan Smith, Ph.D.

The demand is high!
VMC is hosting a Blood Drive.  Sign up in advance and donate to receive a $15 gift certificate from Tahoe Joe's. 

Walk-ups are welcomed and advance sign-ups are encouraged. Time slots will fill quickly so grab a friend and save a life today. Reserve your donation time and we will hold a spot for you in line. 
Thursday, July 6
8:30 a.m.  to  4:30 p.m.
5400 W Hillsdale Ave.

To sign up, call Angel Sears (559) 738-7547 or email asears@vmchealth.com.