A new year, and the start of another season of shows.  This Spring, we have ACC/Baltimore, CraftBoston and the Smithsonian Craft Show. Because we were given the Excellence in Jewelry Award a the Philadelphia Craft Show, we know that we'll be there in November too. 

Baltimore is the biggest craft show in the country, and it can be overwhelming for the first time visitor.  Many people come for several days to see everything.  Others study the program guide and visit their favorite artists first.  If you're coming to Baltimore this week, please see us in booth 3905.
three days only
photo: Marti Mills

photo Marti Mills

Friday       Feb. 20, 10 - 8
Saturday   Feb. 21, 10 - 6 
Sunday     Feb. 22, 11 - 5 


Booth 3905

Baltimore Convention Center
1 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD   





About Us
Ford/Forlano is a collaboration between two artists, Steven Ford and David Forlano, living in two cities, Philadelphia and Santa Fe.  We've been making jewelry together for 25 years using polymers, sterling silver, and other materials.