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Learning Communities Journal: Special Issue: 30th ACHPER Conference
Active and Healthy Schools Committee
BLOG: Would your students give you an 'A' grade in HPE?
Active + Healthy Journal: Issue 24.4
RESOURCE: Health & Physical Education: The Five Propositions
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2017 Professional Learning
Christmas Closure
Partners and Supporters
Welcome from the National Executive Director 
Within your educative and other work places, you draw closer to festive celebrations and the end of term time. As you do commence your final professional tasks for your year, ACHPER reflect on what you as an educator, or professional delivering health and wellbeing outcomes, contribute to your community. Valued relationships you develop in schools, as teachers and principals, through universities, through research and throughout the wider community. One of ACHPER's strengths is the loyalty of relationships and networks. This acts as the foundation of ACHPER's successes in advocating through conversations in schools, through tertiary networks and inclusive of policy and decision makers in government.

ACHPER is built on networks and relationships. Relationships extended through our loyal membership base (you!), through ACHPER branches in each of their conferences, through the meaningful support that we are offered by NSO's exemplified by the support of educative and sport outcomes with Tennis Australia. Networks that extend ACHPER's reach into Principals Associations, HPE and PDHPE curriculum officers in various states and territories and throughout international curriculum based organisations. Cricket Australia, AFL and the Australian Sport Commission are also acknowledged as ACHPER contributors both in kind and with informal partnerships.


Learning Communities Journal: Special Issue: 30th ACHPER Conference
The Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts - Special Issue: 2017 30th ACHPER International Conference, is now available.

This conference included just short of 30 presentations and in excess of 50 theoretical and practical workshops or symposia, with many of these presentations represented in the this special issue and the Conference proceedings.

The contributors to this special edition addressed the conference theme of Participation in an Active and Healthy Life: Valuing the Participant Voice as well as one or more of the six conference sub themes.

Active and Healthy Schools Committee
ACHPER is pleased to support Natalie McMaster as Chair of the newly formed Active and Healthy Schools Committee (AHSC). The overall role of the AHSC is to assist in advancing ACHPER's engagement with health education communities relevant to the Health and Physical Education, Recreation and Sport fields and professional contexts, and to thereby support work aligned with ACHPER's identified strategic priorities. More specifically, the Charter established for the AHSC reflects and advise on strategies to extend ACHPER connectivity with those who work in the health education sector. 

Members of the AHSC particularly recognise the important role that ACHPER can play in fostering connections between health education and promotion and those who work in HPE and related fields.

BLOG: Would your students give you an 'A' grade in HPE?
As we in the ACT transition to school based reporting systems in HPE, many schools have been deliberating, trialling and testing various tools and instruments to effectively connect the learning
 in HPE to achievement standards and grades, whilst also using work samples to guide conversations around student performance. 

This Blog by Jenny Hall, Head of PDHPE at Canberra Girls Grammar School provides some useful ideas and assessment rubrics to construct meaningful assessment of learning.

Active + Healthy Journal: Issue 24.4
Issue 24.4 of the Active + Healthy Journal is now available for members to view online.  This is the second issue of our newly named Journal and the first outside of our special editions to contain a peer reviewed article. 
Articles in this issue include:
  • Claim your space - Barrie Gordon
  • Girls' school uniforms are undermining physical activity - Dr Amanda Mergler
  • Top five 'must-haves' for creating meaningful, valuable, strengths-based and healthful learning - Dr Donna Barwood
  • Introducing Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility into physical education - Rick Baldock, Michael Hemphill, Barrie Gordon and Cody Sanders
  • Lessons learned from flipping the ADP classroom - David Webster, Anthony Coe and Vaughan Cruickshank
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RESOURCE: Health & Physical Education: The Five Propositions
Across the country at all levels of education, practitioners are beginning to engage with the new Australian Curriculum in Health and Physical Education (AC: HPE) and ways to focus on the five propositions made central to both the reform process as well as the curriculum documents.

Enter the Health and Physical Education: The Five Proposition cards, which have been developed as a tool to help teachers, educators and students bring the AC: HPE to life.