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Announcing the new ACHPER Board
Announcing 2017 ACHPER Award Recipients
Asia Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education: Volume 8, Issue 3
BLOG: HPE - What does it mean for kids?
Active + Healthy Journal: Special Edition
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Welcome from the National Executive Director 
National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day on September 6 attracted the participation of 112 schools with over 36,000 students participating in the celebration of our learning area. With media attention that attracted and connected with a reach of 550,000, and an exponential growth of ACHPER social media audience, parents, schools and communities were all influenced by the message to move and celebrate the value of HPE. ACHPER would like to thank all teachers and students and also our ambassadors Emma Kearney, Steve Moneghetti and Principal representatives Rob Nairn and Dennis Yarrington for advocating for the holistic benefits of HPE across the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and health perspective in our themes HPE - Good for Children.

There is much to celebrate in the success of advocacy for the learning area of HPE. The National HPE Day advocacy initiative is supportive of the research informed, future orientated AC:HPE curriculum.  A sense of frustration may also exist in ACHPER members as to why HPE requires advocacy in 2017 when the curriculum area has been ministerially endorsed since 2015.  Also, ACHPER believes in the educative focus of HPE, based on the knowledge that active and healthy children are the best investment we can make in our future. Schools provide a significant setting in providing ongoing developmentally appropriate and explicit learning about health and movement.  So why the need to continue to advocate for the HPE learning area?



We are pleased to announce the winners from our National #HPEday  competition. Congratulations to Dalyellup College (WA)Haileybury College, Brighton (VIC) and Thomas Hassall Anglican College (NSW)  who have all won an  AFL 9s kit thanks to AFL Schools.

Announcing the new ACHPER Board
At the National Representative Forum and Annual General Meeting held in Brisbane on August 19th and 20th  a re-structure of the Board occurred with existing Board Members filling new vacancies.

ACHPER would like to congratulate the following on their re-appointment to the ACHPER Board: 

Announcing 2017 ACHPER Award Recipients
ACHPER is pleased to announce four Fellow Award  recipients in 2017.
  • Dr Louise McCuaig who resides in Queensland.
  • Mr Ross Williams who resides in Western Australia.
  • Ms Angela Sheahen who resides in Tasmania.
  • Ms Rebecca Johnson who resides in the Northern Territory. 

Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education: Volume 8, Issue 3
The six papers presented in  Volume 8, Issue 3 of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education  cover a broad range of topics, theories and practices, across a range of arenas relevant to the professions of health, sport and physical education.

In particular, a paper by Amanda Mooney and Chris Hickey questions some of the take-for-granted assertions around the theory and practice of teacher reflection. Drawing on a research project which used video recordings of the teacher's sessions to stimulate the reflective process, the ensuing discussions raised unforeseen tensions. While supporting the importance of teacher reflection, the paper brings into question core assumptions about the unproblematic 'good' of the reflective process. The research reveals that in the absence of appropriate teacher support and direction the reflective process can be confronting and destabilising.

BLOG: HPE - What does it mean for kids?
National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day 2017 on Wednesday September 6 focused on how HPE is 'good for children', but have we ever considered to ask children 'is it good for you?'.  The team at Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA) believe it is important to commit to driving this conversation and empower children to shape their physical activity needs. 

Dr Natasha Schranz and Dr Vanessa Glennon from AHKA further explore the ideas, motivations and perceptions kids have about physical activity through the establishment of a Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

Active + Healthy Journal: Special Edition
In this Special Edition, Guest Editor Peter Hastie of Auburn University, USA has done a wonderful job in presenting a contemporary and comprehensive insight into the teaching Physical Education through a Sport Education approach.

The nine articles in this double edition will provide a useful guide to inform your teaching in Physical Education and a valuable stimulus to your renewed attempts to provide a Quality HPE program at your school or university.

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