The Happy Learner
"The happy learner cannot feel guilty about learning." ~ACIM

Mondays, Feb 5 thru Apr 9, 2018  
3:30 – 5pm

Do you want peace , but struggle with frustration , believing you should already know the lessons life repeatedly offers you? Do you hear yourself say, "This! Again!? "

What are the conditions of learning ? What single lesson does the Course give us to learn? What is the key that opens the way to our freedom from the past ? What must we give in order to become a happy learner?

In this ten week series, we will explore ways to approach our study and heal our relationship with learning .

Each session begins with guided meditation. Many report experiences of healing and profound insights during this essential element of study. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early so that you have ample time to settle in and be ready to begin on time.

All you need is your journal and a little willingness!

You are wholeheartedly invited to participate in this powerful group of dedicated and sincere students of Love. 

Newcomers please join us as our guest
for the final session of:  

"The Healed Relationship"
In this last session, you will listen to students share as we celebrate our learning over these past weeks together.

Monday, Jan 29, 3:30 - 5pm
Bring a friend who registers for the next series and both receive  $15  off.


Devi Yoga Center
7151 Wilton Ave. Suite #103, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Registration Fee: $175


707-889-3510 ~
  Anasuya   began studying and teaching A Course in Miracles in 1980. Through her  devoted attention to detail  and  unshakeable conviction in the transforming power of Love , Anasuya has offered thousands of hours in holding a  safe and healing  environment for the teaching and learning experience. Anasuya teaches how to  enter the Light of your Heart  and  trust   the Still Small Voice  within.