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August 28, 2014 

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Academies Weekend


New: CPhA Online Forum


CPhA Leads Task Force to Address BOP Sterile Compounding Regulations


USP 800 Update


ACP Board Wants to Hear From You!


Drugs that CVS & Express Scripts are Restricting


PCCA to Award Top Poster-Session Winners


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The mission of the Academy of Compounding Pharmacists is to promote, protect and provide quality compounding services; maintaining high quality and professional standards in pharmacies for the optimum health outcomes of California patients.

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Academies Weekend

September 27-28, 2014

Orange, CA


Leadership Weekend

November 8-9, 2014

Monterey, CA 


West Coast Pharmacy Exchange

April 9-12, 2015

Anaheim, CA



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Academies Weekend is back with a new track for Compounders! Join us on September 27 in Orange, CA and earn 6 CE hours with the following topics:


  • Controlled Substances, For Office Use, LSCs Contracting with Non-LSCs, 3rdParty Marketers, and other Legal Conundrums
  • Nutraceutical Adjuncts for Improving Chronic Pain Outcomes
  • Quality is Only and Assumption - Until it is Measured 
  • Accreditation vs. State Licensure
Early bird registration ends September 5 - Sign up today!
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Two2New: CPhA Online Forum
CPhA has created an exclusive benefit for Academy members.  Participants may use the online forum as an outlet to connect with other CPhA members, especially those within your specific area of practice. Members who use the online forum can ask questions to peers, share news or best practices, or discuss particular issues happening within the field. 

Join the CPhA online forum here. 


Three3CPhA Leads Task Force to Address BOP Sterile Compounding Regulations 

Earlier this month the California Board of Pharmacy voted to file the draft sterile compounding regulations with the Office of Administrative Law.  This is the second draft regulations the BOP has made since the initial notice of revised compounding regulations were released in November of 2013.  The revised draft regulations can be found hereThe BOP has provided a commentary period of 45 days for pharmacist to submit any written comments on the revised draft regulations. CPhA has established a task force of members to review and provide any amendments to the proposed language. A formal letter will be submitted to the Board from CPhA with all recommendations and feedback within the next coming weeks. 

Four4USP 800 Update

USP proposed the new General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs - Handling in Healthcare Settings earlier this spring which addresses standards that apply to all personnel who compound HDs preparations and all places where HDs are prepared, stored, transported and administered. USP accepted comments regarding the new proposed chapter through July 31, 2014.The California Pharmacists Association submitted comments with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Association and other national pharmacy groups to provide feedback to USP regarding Chapter <800>.  The joint letter addressed concerns with Chapter <800> and raised caution that patient access would be limited if such overly burdensome practices were in place for the types of hazardous drugs that are commonly compounded . USP responded back with a letter outlining that the next steps of the process will occur in September 2014 when comments are presented to the members of the Hazardous Drug Subcommittee of the Compounding Expert Committee and the Hazardous Drug Expert Panel for review. CPhA will keep ACP members informed about Chapter <800> throughout the decision making process. 


Five5ACP Board Wants to Hear From You!

Due to recent media coverage on lethal injection drugs being supplied by compounding pharmacies, the ACP Board has decided to survey its members on where they stand on the issue and provide input on how well the national news groups are covering the debate.  Take our quick survey and provide us your thoughts by clicking here



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Six6Drugs that CVS and Express Scripts are Restricting

As the cost of prescription medicines generates increased controversy, two of the nation's largest pharmacy benefits managers are removing still more medicines from their list of drugs that are covered, which are known as formularies. Read more...


Seven7PCCA to Award Top Poster-Session Winners

Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) will recognize innovation in paediatric medicine by awarding the three best scientific presentations at the sixth European Paediatric Formulation initiative (EuPFI) conference. Read more...