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February 5, 2015 

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The mission of the Academy of Compounding Pharmacists is to promote, protect and provide quality compounding services; maintaining high quality and professional standards in pharmacies for the optimum health outcomes of California patients.

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How to Start a Pharmacy Workshop

February 7, 2015

Los Angeles, CA


2015 Regional Legislative Days

March 7 - Los Angeles

March 14 - Stockton

May 16 - San Francisco

May 30 - San Diego

June 13 - Clovis


West Coast Pharmacy Exchange

April 9-12, 2015

Anaheim, CA



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15-day Comment Period Opens Tomorrow for BOP Sterile Compounding Regulations


The Board of Pharmacy has announced that they will be accepting final public comment on the proposed amendment changes to Title 16 CCR Section 1735 et seq., and 1751 et seq. relating to pharmacy compounding.  Any person who wishes to comment on the proposed modifications may do so by submitting written comments beginning February 6, 2015 and ending at 5pm on February 20, 2015, to the following:


Contact Person: Lori Martinez
Agency Name: California State Board of Pharmacy
Address: 1625 North Market Blvd, Suite N 219
Sacramento, CA 95834
Fax: (916) 574-8618


Any responses to comments directly concerning the proposed modifications to the text of the regulations will be considered and responded to in the Final Statement of Reasons. Notice and Modified Text can be found on the board's website here

CPhA and members of the sterile compounding task force will be submitting feedback on the proposed regulations before the February 20th deadline.  

Outgoing FDA Commissioner's Compounding Impact

The news of Margaret A. Hamburg, MD, resigning from her long-standing post as FDA Commissioner stirred memories of her success with improving access to emergency contraception, but more so her struggles with regulating drug compounding following a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak traced to a compounding pharmacy's tainted drugs. Read more...


Outsourcing Facilities Must Be Registered as Pharmacists in California to Compound or Dispense Within or Into California

The Board of Pharmacy has issued a statement on their website clarifying any confusion around federal vs. state pharmacy licensure requirements for outsourcing facilities.  The BOP states, "We understand that facilities currently or previously licensed as pharmacies have been informed or have come to believe that federal licensure as an "outsourcing facility" under Section 503B (21 U.S.C. � 353b) of the federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) to perform sterile compounding may exempt or except them from the requirement of licensure with the California State Board of Pharmacy that is otherwise a prerequisite to pharmacy activities including compounding or dispensing dangerous drugs within or into California. This is not correct. Read more...


Agency to Act on Compound Med Reimbursements

Two advisory committees to the Defense Health Agency are at odds over whether Tricare should reimburse for compounded medications. Read more...