HB2007 is apparently dead, thanks to all the grass roots' feedback from around the state. HOWEVER, many odious elements of HB2007 have been inserted into Senate Bill 1051 [A-Engrossed]. Speaker Kotek, who was responsible for HB2007, is a co-sponsor of this bill with its many last-minute insertions from HB2007. The Bill is due to be heard in 36 hours, so email and/or call now.
Overview at:  
Full bill at:
What's worse, SB1051 is slated to "declares an emergency, effective on passage."
SB 1051 prohibits cities from modifying density or heights throughout the state. It takes decisions about ADUs basically out of local control and community influence and gives the State of Oregon. A development with just ONE affordable unit in multi-unit developments would be allowed under this bill.
It prohibits design review if developments conform to "clear and defined community standards"--this is what we have in Portland know-standards that seem to have been written by developers. They are site-specific standards (like how many balconies there are and how high they much be from the sidewalk). It doesn't matter how they fit into a neighborhood or business node.
Please email your representative, Senator Burdick, and Senator President Courtney and tell them you object to having these last-minute insertions that would take away local and community control, design standards, and we think historical preservation. Emails:
Phone numbers can be found at:
Please email and say no to this questionable end-run around massive objections to HB2007 by "gutting and stuffing" many of its provisions into SB1051. This is no way to deal with outcries against bad legislation for our cities and communities.  PASS THIS ON TO FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE STATE AND YOUR NEIGHBORS! 
I've just had this message from our land-use chair:
"The third reading of SB 1051 has been scheduled in the House on 7/6/2017 and in the Senate on 7/11/2017 
SB 1051 is a poorly rewritten version HB 2007. Please email legislators immediately asking for a no vote on SB 1051
This bill will dramatically change land use planning and development as we know it today. What people value about Oregon will be lost."