Friday, February 2, 2018
FCA Action Alert
What Can You & Other Advocates Do Now?

     Invest about thirty minutes now and over the next three days to follow the steps below to help RESTORE the appropriations needed to fully fund the 658 Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs' (DCA) 2018-2019
recommended matching grants.

What is Recommended Now by the Legislature to Fund DCA Grants?

     As of today's date, the SENATE recommends only $7,013,985 for the Cultural and Museum Grants that would provide all 489 qualified grants under this category about 16.8% of their qualified grant amounts.  The Senate does not recommend any appropriations for the other 3 DCA grant-funding categories: Culture Builds Florida, Cultural Facilities, and Cultural Endowments.

     The HOUSE recommends a total of $19,135,613 for three DCA grant-funding categories: $2,987,775 to fully fund all 134 Culture Builds Florida grants; $6,147,838 to fully fund all 18 Cultural Facilities' grants; and
$10 million for the Cultural and Museum Grants' category that would fund all 489 under this specific category, but only at about 24% of their qualified grant amounts.

     If interested, here is greater detail of budget comparisons.

Throughout the next three days, who should you and other advocates send emails to ask for their help to RESTORE state-appropriation investments needed to fully fund 658 DCA matching grants?

     Send emails to these twelve Florida Legislative leaders  -- six in the Senate and six in the House that have the ability to restore appropriation levels needed to fund these   658 DCA matching grants They need to hear from you and others from throughout the state to demonstrate that this issue matters.


What should I say in my emails to these 12 legislative leaders?           

     You'll have to invest about 30 minutes to easily tailor, shorten, and personalize this suggested email to your specific ask related to your organization and/or community.  Please make sure you keep the sentence that mentions the PROCESS that all of these grantees went through to qualify for these matching grants.

     For example, if your organization and/or community only has DCA grants recommended under the Cultural and Museum Grants' category, then ask for leaderships' support to restore appropriations to that specific line item; and delete the other DCA appropriation requests if they are not applicable to your organization and/or community. 

     Here is the list of all 658 DCA recommended 2018-2019 matching grants by county and DCA grant-funding category.

      PLEASE do not put off following through with this action request.  Timing is critical. 

     If something is not clear or you need additional information, please email us at

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