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April 10, 2018 
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Down Syndrome Protection: Vote Coming Soon

The Pennsylvania state House Health Committee, yesterday, approved House Bill 2050, the Down Syndrome protection bill. This clears the way for consideration by the full Pennsylvania House of Representatives. A vote could take place as early as this week.

The House Health Committee is chaired by state Representative Kathy Rapp of Warren.

Please call your Pennsylvania state representative and urge a YES vote on House Bill 2050.

A link at the top of this message will take you to complete contact information for all of our northwestern Pennsylvania state and federal legislators. (Please note that House Bill 2050 is state legislation, so you should contact your state, rather than federal representative.)

CLICK HERE if you need help identifying your Pennsylvania state representative.


House Bill 2050, would prohibit abortion in cases where the baby's life would be terminated solely because he or she has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, a relatively common (1 in 350) "disability."

It is estimated that currently in the United States approximately 90% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.

Pennsylvania law already protects babies from abortions that would be carried out solely because the parents want a boy instead of a girl or a girl instead of a boy.

Click here for a more complete discussion of H.B. 2050 published by the bill's primary sponsor, House Speaker Mike Turzai.
Oratory Contest This Saturday

Our annual High School Oratory Contest is this Saturday. It will be held in the Admiral Room at the Blasco Memorial Erie County Library, beginning at 11 a.m.

Late registrations are welcome, but please let us know before Saturday morning.

Speeches should be 5-7 minutes in length and pertain to a human life topic such as abortion, physician-prescribed suicide, or embryo-destructive scientific research. Upbeat topics such as adoption, fetal development, or a student's experiences with pro-life activities, pro-life advocacy, or providing help and support to a single mom or mom-to-be are part of the range of possibilities.

Any high school student is eligible to compete. There will be separate levels of competition for grades 9-10 and 11-12.

First-place winners will receive $100; second-place and third-place winners will receive $50 and $25 respectively.

Each participant will research, write, and present a 5-7 minute, pro-life speech about abortion, infanticide, physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia, embryo-destructive (embryonic stem cell) experimentation, or a related topic.

Preregistration is required: E-mail name, address, phone number, age, school, and grade to or call (814) 882-1333.

The Oratory Contest follows the rules of the National Right to Life Oratory Contest.