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Arizona Dream Act Coalition Reacts to the Introduction of the Achieve Act


Immigrant Youth Respond to GOP Legislation

Phoenix, Arizona. November 28, 2012. The Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC), the largest immigrant youth led organization in Arizona, responds with disappointment to the Achieve Act, a legislation drafted and introduced  by Senators John Kyl, and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Both are retiring from the Senate next month and both are from red states that could turn blue in the next decade as more and more Latinos become citizens and voters.
Under this legislation, immigrant youth would be put through a long, expensive, and tedious process with no clear path to citizenship.

"We recognize this political move as the GOP's failed attempt to attract  future Latino votes due to the lackluster support  they received this past election and the lack of leadership we have seen from the Democratic party" . "As immigrant youth, we are tired of being treated as second class citizens and we are asking for bipartisan conversation and collaboration that will bring real solutions and do not create more problems down the road", said Reyna Montoya, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition Vice Chair.

Arizona Dream Act Coalition's  President Dulce Matuz, selected by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world, reacted by stating: "We will not tolerate political games that disrespect immigrant youth". "We are educated and capable of dealing with important issues that our lives depend on".

"The Arizona Dream Act Coalition will continue advocating for legislation that fully  integrates and educates all immigrant youth". "We encourage and invite Legislators  to have a conversation with DREAMers before drafting any piece of legislation,"concluded Matuz.


The ADAC is an statewide alliance of organizations dedicated to the passage of the Development Relief and

Education for Alien Minors Act or DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is a piece of bipartisan legislation at the federal

level. This bill would grant conditional residency to undocumented youth that came to the United

States before the age of sixteen, demonstrate good moral character, graduate from high school and complete

two years of college and / or military service.

The ADAC belongs to the United We DREAM Network an organization with members across the USA.