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Mazal Tov to the White Family on Julia becoming a Bat Mitzvah 
this Shabbat, May 13!

Mazel Tov to Rich Hochman and Debra Bernstein on the birth of their granddaughter Lorelei, born on May 5!
Rabbi Rudin's D'var Torah

The Triple Holiness of the Angels
Parshat Emor

Rabbi Rudin
This week's Torah portion, Emor, continues the Torah's great theme: קדושים תהיו כי קדוש אני ה׳׳א Kedoshim Tiyu: You shall be holy for I, HaShem your G-d, am holy which was begun last week in Parshat Kedoshim.
There, we saw that holiness is to be expressed in the way that we treat others; family, friends and strangers, Jew and non-Jew. 
In this week's parsha, the idea of kedusha, of holiness, is expressed through the self-discipline of the Kohanim, the priests who are dedicated to service of G-d and humanity in the holy space of Jerusalem and the Temple.  The Rabbis remind us that this standard is one that should be adopted by each of us.
Finally, the parsha concludes with a chapter called Parshat HaMo'adim, the Chapter of the Holidays.  The Torah describes the 7 holidays as Mikra'ei Kodesh: convocations of holiness.  They are: Passover (two holy days, one at the start and one at the end of the week),  Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot (also two days: one at the start and one at the end) and Shavuot.   In other words, the holidays are extensions of kedusha, holiness, into time. 
According to the Zohar, our book of mystical splendor, this three-fold holiness: holiness in how we treat each other, in space (the Temple and House of Study), and in time (the holidays) is what Isaiah the Prophet saw in his vision when the angels proclaimed, kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, holy, holy, holy. 
And the goal of all of this holiness?  At the end of the portion, G-d says, V'nikdashti b'toch b'nai Yisrael - so that I am sanctified in the midst of the People of Israel. 
Shimon the Righteous, one of our High Priests in the time of the Second Temple, put it another way in the Mishna: The World rests on three things: on Torah (holiness in space), on Worship (holiness in time) and on Gemilut Chasadim (holiness in relationships). 
That is how the great, eternal things in the world, the things beyond sight and hearing are seen and heard: not in their essence but in their effects.  Where is G-d?  In acts of holiness.  Where are acts of holiness?  In the Jewish home, at the Shabbat table, in the House of Study, in the shul, in the hand that gives and the hand that receives, in the smile of kindness and the generous heart... If we can make these things real - and we can! - then what incredible doorways of blessing must open!
Shabbat Shalom
Bonus Features!  The Legend of Rabbi Kahanemen's Rescue: A Rescuer of Jewish Children left by their parents in church would he be able to succeed? (fifth grade and up)
Check out the beautiful song by Ya'acov Shweky about Rabbi Kahaneman's Mission...
Hebrew Lesson #3: All sorts of ways to say... Shalom!

If you know someone who is in need of a prayer of healing, email misheberach requests to Rabbi Rudin at

Some Notes   from Cantor Lois

Here's to new beginnings!

As our Religious School year comes to a close on Sunday, May 14, 2017, so do the Sunday morning Adult Education classes in Torah Leyning and How to Read Hebrew in the Siddur (aka Siddur Hebrew). Teaching and learning hopefully do not end! If you are around during the rest of the spring and summer months, and you would like to continue your studies, please feel free to make an appointment with me.

I am also embarking on a new venture here at Adath Shalom!  I would like to form a choir! I understand people have very busy schedules, so I am not asking for a weekly rehearsal commitment.  If you love to sing, and you would like to be part of our group, please email me at:  The first step is seeing who would like to participate. Next, I will reach out to find a date and time for our initial meeting. Shiru L'Adoshem, Shir Hadash! Sing a new song to HaShem!
What's in YOUR Ritual Toolbox?

Thank you to everyone at Adath Shalom who helped make my book drive for the Bridge of Books Foundation a huge success! I was able to donate 990 books this year which was DOUBLE the  amount I did last year!!

Samantha Rosenstein

Upcoming Adath Shalom Services and Events

Friday, May 12 -   31st day of the Omer
9:30am Shabbat Shapers
7:15pm Kabbalat Shabbat
7:49pm Candle lighting
Saturday, May 13 -   32nd day of the Omer
  Parashat Emor
8:58pm Shabbat Ends
Sunday, May 14 -   33rd day of the Omer
  Lag B'Omer
9:00am Last Day of Religious School
9:00am Zayin Graduation
9:30am Melton Foundations of Jewish Family Living ll
9:30am Parsha Shmooze with Rabbi Rudin
10:30am Torah Leyning
11:15am Siddur Hebrew
Monday, May 15 -   34th day of the Omer
Tuesday, May 16 -   35th day of the Omer
Wednesday, May 17 -   36th day of the Omer
6:45am Morning Minyan
1:00pm Davenology!
Thursday, May 18 -   37th day of the Omer
9:30am Melton Graduate Class
4:30pm Modern Hebrew
6:00pm Melton Core Class
6:00pm RS Full Staff dinner

Friday, May 19 - 38th day of the Omer
9:30am Shabbat Shapers
5:45pm Sisterhood Cafe Shabbat and Sisterhood Shabbat Sevices
7:15pm Kabbalat Shabbat
7:56pm Candle lighting
Saturday, May 20 -   39th day of the Omer
  Parashat Behar-Bechukotai
9:00am Shabbat Services
10:45am Youth Services
9:05pm Shabbat Ends
Sunday, May 21 -   40th day of the Omer
9:30am Writers Circle: Editing & Proofreading
9:30am Parsha Shmooze with Rabbi Rudin
10:00am Jerusalem Model: Lego to the Holy City!
12:15pm Writers Circle: Critiquing & Workshopping
Monday, May 22 -   41st day of the Omer
Tuesday, May 23 -   42nd day of the Omer
12:00pm Chazak
Wednesday, May 24 -   43rd day of the Omer
  Yom Yerushalayim
6:45am Morning Minyan
1:00pm Davenology!
4:30pm Super Mitzvah Squad
Thursday, May 25 -   44th day of the Omer
9:30am Melton Graduate Class
4:30pm Modern Hebrew
6:00pm Melton Core Class





They had survived- but could they escape?

A unique new documentary following the lives of 12 survivors as they confront a challenge nearly as great as their unspeakable ordeals: returning to life after the Holocaust.

Come and support our own Cecile and Edward Mosberg, hear their heart-wrenching testimony and become emissaries of their legacy.
Carpool Departing from Adath Shalom at 6:30 PM
Email to register

 L'hitra'ot: a Fond Farewell to Sam and Ann Varsano

We honor Adath Shalom community leaders and long time members Sam and Ann Varsano as they transition from our community. Join us for a special oneg following services.


Adar 25, 5777
March 23, 2017
Dear Adath Shalom Families, Shalom!
As we continue to develop as a Beit Midrash, a place of Jewish learning, we need to institute changes and upgrades.   Now that a great deal of Jewish learning is available via the internet, we hope to place several workstations in our Beit Midrash/Library.   We also hope to add furniture making the Beit Midrash more inviting as a place to browse, read and engage with Jewish learning.   Finally, we plan to cull our library collection, many of whose books are no longer relevant to the needs of our congregation. 
To this end, starting the week after Purim, we will be placing books to be removed in our lobby for anyone who would like them.  Please feel free to stop in to browse and help yourself! 
Marisa Bergman                                                         Rabbi Moshe Rudin
Education Director


Every Wednesday in the Beit Midrash
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Jewish prayer is more than saying words and swaying: it's a powerful spiritual discipline that can enrich existence.  Learn the teachings and secrets behind the words - you just might find yourself uplifted!  A special lunchtime learning opportunity with Rabbi Rudin .

The Return of the Morning Wednesday Minyan
6:45am - 7:15am

Greet the dawn with a moment of connection, spirituality and energy: 
it's like a spa for your soul! 

And having a bagel or cup of healthy  yogurt afterwards 
ain't bad either!   
Donate Your Car To Adath Shalom

You've all heard the ads; "Donate you car" to various charities or causes that are so big that you're not sure if your donation even makes a difference.  Now you can "DONATE YOUR CAR TO ADATH SHALOM" and see how your donation makes a difference in your local Jewish community.  A simple phone call to 855-500-RIDE or (855) 500-7433 or completing this   online form starts the process.  Your vehicle will be picked up and processed. You receive a tax deductible receipt and Adath Shalom receives the proceeds.  

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Adath Shalom Gift Shop
Shopping for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?  Come see our new line of Tallit before you look anywhere else.  
Beautiful assortment of silk and cotton tallit from Israel coming soon.  




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