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It's Catalog Season!
Cases of catalogs are showing up at our office. It always surprising to me how much money is spent on shipping catalogs we didn't ask for. 
I'm not against catalogs,
they have their place, but I
LOVE this new technology!
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In our last issue I shared a commentary on organization. With the help of my editor, the amazing Glenda Stormes-Bice, we came up with some useful information. If you missed, it, I invite you to check out, Really...2015??

Casually, in passing I mentioned my own personal connection with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I'm hardly qualified to offer information on being organized as my world is somewhat chaotic. "Normal" people help keep me organized. 
I heard from several people who appreciated that I brought up ADDIt seems that our industry is a perfect fit for those with this disorder. 

There are very few industries that embrace, foster and understand ADDers better than this one. ADDers are typically creative, high energy, multi-taskers that struggle with focus and organization. 

In this issue, we feature a commentary, ADD on an (A) that offers some personal information you many may find interesting. Your comments on this are welcomed. I invite you to share your stories. We may do a follow up commentary on this topic. 

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

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ADD on an (A) 

In the promotional marketing industry, we all know what an (A) represents. The (A) in ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder) doesn't mean half of anything. 

In a commentary I wrote on organization, which is certainly is not my strong suit, I mentioned my ADD. From that piece, I heard from several other people who are also blessed with ADD. We realized bringing the subject of ADD out in the open enables others to realize that how they function isn't necessarily a negative thing.

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Sorry, I got distracted...
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We're taking home a Technology Award at the 2015 PPAI Expo, for FPT.com. It's truly an honor that the things we are doing for suppliers, distributors and the industry are being recognized by PPAI through this significant recognition. We forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas. 
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