AERO Conference Starts Tomorrow Night!

Conference AERO Conference Starts Tomorrow!
We spent today setting everything up for the conference and fielding a lot of last minute inquiries and registrations. In the last week we surprisingly received registrations from Bermuda, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Switzerland and a lot of local people. 

We have over 30 going on the Manhattan Cruise tomorrow. Tomorrow night registration starts at 5 followed by two documentaries. The bookstore will be fully set up for opening bargains. 

The APDEC just started in Japan. We can't wait to hear about it from Adler who will be flying in tomorrow to get ready to show his documentary on school testing in Taiwan on Thursday evening. 

Here's a repeat of the conference info in the last e news:

There are many ways you can still join the upcoming AERO Conference. You can simply register at the regular $300 rate for the 5 day conference. It is at LIU/Post Campus in Brookville, NY and goes from the evening of Wednesday the 2nd through Sunday afternoon on the 6th.
BUT, there are many special arrangements you can make, as a student, volunteer, or if you are low income. Also we have a package of registration and a single or shared room available, and we have one or two day rates. If you are within driving distance and want to make a special arrangement, write to and we'll give you instructions. You can also call the office at 516 978 7812.
If you've looked at the schedule you have seen that this year's program is really spectacular. Don't miss it!
The 14th AERO Conference will be from August 3-6 at LIU/Post Campus, Brookville, NY. 
At this point we have people coming from 22 states and the countries of Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Taiwan.  States attending so far are CT, CA, DC, FL, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, TX, VA, VT, WA, WI. WV

You can see the list of organizations attending the conference here.
The complete schedule is now on the conference website. 

Some planned events:

*Visit to the unique Pono Education Center in Manhattan: 11 AM Wednesday, August 2
*Cruise around Manhattan, 2 1/2 hours, 101 sights. We now have enough for the group rate, $35 per person, $29 for children, 1:30 August 2.

*Two documentaries during registration Wednesday evening registration Screenagers and The Moving Child.
*Thursday, August 3, seven TED-like minitalks!
*Thursday 10:3)) AM, unschooling keynote by Dayna Martin.
*6-7:30 Thursday: School's Over book launch, dessert special, networking
*7:30 Thursday Adler Yang documentary, If There is a Reason to Study
*Friday 6 PM, MET founder Dennis Littky
*Friday 8 PM: Alliance for Self Directed Education founder Peter Gray
*Saturday Lunchtime Keynote, 12:15, film maker German Doin, South American alternatives
*7 PM Saturday, keynote , author Jonathan Kozol followed by Gray interviewing Kozol
*Sunday 9:30, minority homeschooling expert Akiela Richards
*Sunday 10:30-12 John Gatto keynote will be read. Please start sending us questions now for John Gatto to answer in advance.  John is writing again and has recently published two new books, but he has not delivered a keynote since his stroke several years ago.
In addition there will be 35 workshops as well as other spontaneous ones. exhibition tables, a Mine Craft server, child care, and other special activities. 

Also, there is c ontinuing education and graduate credit available from Antioch University

Register for the AERO Conferencer now HERE.

Eden MCAET Talks: Aaron Eden, Education Transformation Catalyst
MCAET Talks: Aaron Eden, Education Transformation Catalyst

Ed: Aaron Eden will be a presenter at the upcoming AERO conference this week!

MCAET Talks: Aaron Eden, Education Transformation Catalyst

SAS School Starter Course Still Has Openings
The school starter course is limited to 25 students or groups and will close when we reach that number. AERO has helped start over 100 alternatives. Click on the course to see a map of them. 

You can now enroll in this year's School Starters Online Course. If you register now we will immediately give you the benefits of the between courses School Starter Consultation Program, usually $300. You will have full access to last year's course, seeing all the resources and sections. This will get you well ready for the official course in September. At that point the Consultation Program ends, We then start opening up one section at a time and guide you through the interactive process of starting a new alternative. 

Register for the course here. 

Reply to this e news if you have specific questions. 

There will also be a school starter thread at this year's AERO Conference
AERO helped Start Pono, in Manhattan. They can be visited on Wednesday morning and will present at the AERO Conference

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