Only 10 Days to go to AERO Conference
States With the Most At-Risk Youth
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Conference AERO Conference in 10 Days!

Minitalk presenter Dr. Michael Hynes

The 14th AERO Conference will be from August 3-6 at LIU/Post Campus, Brookville, NY. 
It's almost here. The content of this year's AERO conference is amazing and covers an awesome range of learner-centered approaches.
Registrations are rapidly picking up as many procrastinators (busy people) have decided that they better not miss this one.
At this point we have people coming from 22 states and the countries of Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Taiwan.  States attending so far are CT, CA, DC, FL, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, TX, VA, VT, WA, WI. WV
Over 55 organizations coming so far are:
University of Toronto
CityLIFE nature kits
Wildwood Agile Learning Community
Liberty Soil
SelfDesign Learning Foundation
Academic Experiences Abroad
Embark Center for Self-Directed Learning
The Highland School
True North
Alma Education International/Ojai Village Academy 
J Stein and Associates
ECG resources
Bremerton School District
Great and Small Inc.
Urban Homeschoolers
Angeles Workshop School
RSU 35
Pono Learning
Melissa Sornik, LCSW PLLC
Natural Creativity
Eliad Group
JP Green House
Reach Out Arts
Dehesa Charter School/Element Education
Institute for Music and Health
Arts of the Spirit
Dida Academy
Alt Ed NYC
Wildewood Learning
School of Cultural Creativity of Waterloo
Center for the Development of Human Learning
World Learning
Dida Academy
Harmony Peaks
Agile Learning Center
Dida Academy
Uptown Birdies / Parent
King Fahd University
Splot Montessori School Poland
We Design
The Children's Sangha
Alliance for Self-Directed Education
Cornerstone Academy for Social Action
Pachogue-Medford School District
Cottage Class
Princeton Learning Cooprative
Odysseus Group
Goddard College
If you register in the next couple of days we can add your organization and you'll have a printed name tag.
Lately it looks like some college education departments have discovered the conference, as well as some homeschool organizations and parent groups. If you have any such connections, please let them know.
If you haven't reserved your dorms rooms yet please do so ASAP. We need to provide a list to the university.
Special rates for students, volunteers, and low income attendees are still available. With the package deals for registration and dorm rooms for shared and single rooms, the registration rate averages only $212. 

The complete schedule is now on the conference website. 

 If you don't want to miss this amazing conference write to or call the office at 516 621 2195.
Some planned events:

*Visit to the unique Pono Education Center in Manhattan: 11 AM Wednesday, August 2
*Cruise around Manhattan, 2 1/2 hours, 101 sights. We now have enough for the group rate, $35 per person, $29 for children, 1:30 August 2.

*Two documentaries during registration Wednesday evening registration Screenagers and The Moving Child.
*Thursday, August 3, seven TED-like minitalks!
*Thursday 10:30 AM, unschooling keynote by Dayna Martin.
*6-7:30 Thursday: School's Over book launch, dessert special, networking
*7:30 Thursday Adler Yang documentary, If There is a Reason to Study
*Friday 6 PM, MET founder Dennis Littky
*Friday 8 PM: Alliance for Self Directed Education founder Peter Gray
*Saturday Lunchtime Keynote, 12:15, film maker German Doin, South American alternatives
*7 PM Saturday, keynote , author Jonathan Kozol followed by Gray interviewing Kozol
*Sunday 9:30, minority homeschooling expert Akiela Richards
*Sunday 10:30-12 John Gatto keynote will be read. Please start sending us questions now for John Gatto to answer in advance.  John is writing again and has recently published two new books, but he has not delivered a keynote since his stroke several years ago.
In addition there will be 35 workshops as well as other spontaneous ones. exhibition tables, a Mine Craft server, child care, and other special activities.
Reserve Your Dorm Rooms Now!
'If you are coming to the conference and have not yet reserved a dorm room, please do so immediately, as we must pay the university and give them a list of attendees booked in the rooms.
And remember, if you still want to come to the conference please contact us right away and we'll help you do it.
Who do you know who might want to come to the conference? If you've already registered you can bring someone else for free. Just let us know who. Also, if you register in the next 24 hours you can bring someone else free. 

Other features:
  • Continuing education and graduate credit from Antioch University

The student, volunteer and low income rates are still available as well as the dorm rooms at LIU/Post. If you want to volunteer, want the special Canadian rate or have a group or are looking for a special room deal you must write to us or call. You can reply to this e newsletter, Write to or call the AERO office at 516 621 2195.

Register for the AERO Conferencer now HERE.

Keynoter Akilah Richards, Homeschool Expert

Manisha Snoyer, The founder of CottageClass, will give a mini Talk at the conference
Youth 2017's States with the Most At-Risk Youth
Richie Bernardo

Growing up can be hard. Without a stable home, positive role models and tools for success, many young Americans fall behind their peers and experience a rocky transition to adulthood. Today, about  one in eightindividuals between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither working nor attending school. Others suffer from poor health conditions that hinder their ability to develop physically or socially.

Such issues not only affect young people later in life, but they also prove detrimental to society as a whole. According to a  report  from Mission: Readiness, for instance, 71 percent of young adults today are ineligible to join the U.S. military due primarily to a lack of basic academic skills, criminal records or health issues such as obesity and diabetes.  Research  shows that environments where such problems are most prevalent often increase an adolescent's risk of adverse outcomes, including economic hardship, early pregnancy and violence, especially in adulthood.

To determine the places where young Americans are not faring as well as others in the same age group, WalletHub's analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 10 key indicators of youth risk. Our data set ranges from share of disconnected youth to labor force participation rate among youth to youth poverty rate. Read on for our findings, insight into the future of America's young population and a full description of our methodology.

See the Study here.
SAS School Starter Course Registration Now Open
The school starter course is limited to 25 students or groups and will close when we reach that number. 

You can now enroll in this year's School Starters Online Course. If you register now we will immediately give you the benefits of the between courses School Starter Consultation Program, usually $300. You will have full access to last year's course, seeing all the resources and sections. This will get you well ready for the official course in September. At that point the Consultation Program ends, We then start opening up one section at a time and guide you through the interactive process of starting a new alternative. 

Register for the course here. 

Reply to this e news if you have specific questions. 

There will also be a school starter thread at this year's AERO Conference
Anchor11Links and Calendar
Please send us feedback on this issue. also, we would like to have more articles written by AERO members and about AERO school and organizations.  Thank you for your ongoing support. With  your help , we will make learner-centered alternatives available to everyone!

In Service,

Jerry Mintz
Executive Director
Alternative Education Resource Organization

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