Dear AERO Supporter:

We need your help on this.

At this time of year we are always wondering if we should cancel the AERO conference. People in our network often wait until late or even the last minute to register. But this presents a serious problem to us because it affects what we think we can budget for the conference for keynoters, special events, etc.
It may be that the cost of the conference is so low that you don't care about the difference between the $225 earlybird rate and the next step up to $250, etc. It may be that people are not sure of their plans as far away as next August. It may also be that we simply don't reach enough people with our listserve and Facebook and the word gets out slowly. In the end we have always had a reasonable number of attendees and a great, sometimes life-changing, gathering.

Again, this year's AERO conference looks like it will be amazing. So far we have public alternative pioneer Dennis Littky, unschool expert Dayna Martin, author Joanna Faber and legendary education critic John Gatto as keynoters, a scheduled cruise around Manhattan, a special fair of local educational alternatives, as well as a day of TED-like mini talks and 40 workshops over the 5 day conference.  
So, the earlybird rate of $225 for adults and $175 for students, volunteers and presenters ends tomorrow, March 1st at midnight. We keep it that low because we know many people in our network can't afford much more. We would like you to register now if you can. If you prefer you can hold the current rate by using the $50 deposit for individuals or $100 for a group. If even that is a problem, at least e mail us and let us know that you will be coming.
We also need your help in spreading the word. If you are bringing a group of six or more we'll give you a further discount. If you are low income and need further help let us know.
We are also interested in organizing a committee to help us get the word out. And we have room for more workshops and TED-type minitalks. You can propose them through the hyperlinked forms.
Please help us make this conference a success!

Jerry Mintz
Executive Director
Alternative Education Resource Organization