QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                                                    AUGUST, 2014
Third Quarter Conference Highlights-Irvine, CA

"Channel Compliance Program Addressing Grey Markets and Non-compliance"

Presenter: Robert Grant, Avaya


Robert Grant shares Avaya's approach to channel compliance and the channel compliance team's key objectives and (more) 


"Active Analytics and the Benefits of Data Visualization"

Presenters: Beth Hannemann - Director, and Ryan Halversen - Director, Forensic Services


For organizations trying to detect suspicious activity or to identify red flags, effectively exploiting the potentially massive amount of data can significantly boost the detection of (more) 

"How to Obtain and Execute a Civil Search and Seizure of Counterfeit and Gray Market Goods"

Presenter: David Sugden, Call & Jensen


David Sugden gave a presentation explaining how to obtain and execute civil surprise search and seizures against gray (more)


"Center for Excellence and Expertise Update" 

Cynthia Glenn - Branch Chief, and Jorge Garcia, Deputy Director, Trade


Cynthia Glenn and Jorge Garcia will provide an overview of CBP's Center for Excellence and Expertise, and the organization's goals with an emphasis on Electronics CEE. She will also outline the strategic vision and end state for the (more)


"Top 10 Channel Partner Schemes/Findings"

Presenters: Luis Castro & Travis Markowitz, Deloitte


Each year, many technology companies pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives to third party channel partners. When channel partners fail to comply with the terms of  

"RUVIXX: Transforming the IP industry"

Presenter: Stephen Saine, Ruvixx


Ruvixx is an enterprise SaaS platform that revolutionizes the end-to-end process of licensing and brand management. By providing a centrally managed collaborative platform, RUVIXX significantly reduces the commonplace inefficiencies (more)


"Enhancing Trusted Trader Status for Real World Value"

Presenters: David Faulconer & Chris Golden, Keystone Business Group


This presentation will discuss the realities of Trusted Trader status in the real world enforcement environment and what industry can do to enhance its supply chain processes (more) 
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