QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                                              MARCH, 2015
Highlights from Americas First Quarter Conference & EMEA Spring Conference

"Channel Partner Risk Assessment: What to Assess and How to Leverage Analytics"
Presenters:  Luis Castro - Director, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services, and Travis Markowitz - Senior Manager Deloitte & Touche LLP 

This discussion will provide an overview of leading practices around Channel Partner Risk Assessments, identification of risk attributes/factors, and the implementation of strategies designed to evaluate associated risks with a company's channel partners. Examples of documents/data that can be used to develop a comprehensive risk assessment include, but are not limited to, POS data, channel partner surveys, internal interviews with key personnel, and relevant publications related to agreed risk criteria. (more)

"FCPA Risks, Trends and Solutions in the High Tech Community - Parts I & II "
Marc Bohn - Counsel Miller Chevalier and
Jim Lord - Partner Sideman & Bancroft

This joint presentation discussed FCPA, highlighting relevant trends, and introducing the hallmarks of effective compliance programs. Speakers explored some of these hallmarks in more depth, including, among others, third party due diligence. (more)


"Prevent Counterfeiting of Technology Products"
Brad Minnis - Senior Director of Corporate Environmental, Health, Safety & Security -  Juniper Networks


Juniper's Brand Integrity Management System was outlined.  It's focus areas ensure product integrity and security. (more)


"Mitigation of Digital Piracy"
Sally Nguyen - Director of Anti-Piracy Services - Microsoft  


This presentation outlines the unique issues in the digital world, discusses remediation approaches and the challenges brand owners are faced with. (more)      


"Channel Compliance Program Addressing Gray Markets and Non-Compliance"
Robert Grant - Channel Compliance Director - Avaya  

This presentation covers Avaya's approach to channel compliance and the channel compliance team's key objectives and functions. The top 10 red flags for non-compliance are shared. (more)   


"Self Reporting from the SFO's Perspective"
Alun Milford - General Counsel Serious Fraud Office  


Mr. Milford spoke to AGMA members about self reporting in the UK. (more)  



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